Zuzu's petals?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Friends, my mom, sister, and I want to thank all of you for making us feel like George Bailey the last 2 days! My friend Ruth, owns a wonderful store in Barrington (it's also online) and she was sponsoring a fall photo contest. My mom, myself, some friends, and some other people I don't know entered. If you know my mom, you know how much she loves her photography. She has a real talent, that I wish she would use more often. The contest ended up being one that was voted on by other people. Much to our delight, my mom was in first place on Sunday! I think she felt like a million bucks because she is not on social media so she doesn't have a huge reach.

One of my other friends who entered the contest, has a dad with 35K+ twitter followers. Naturally she asked him to tweet for her (I would've too, if my dad had twitter...and followers). So my sister and I turned to facebook and asked our friends, family, and my mom's friends to vote for her. You guys came through and she pulled ahead! Sadly for us, my friend's dad tweeted again. And you, my friends came through again! You re-posted, you shared, you voted, and some of you even brought me and my mom to tears with your sweet posts (Liza ;)). I read her your messages and shares and she couldn't believe it. Jenna's students, who obviously love her a lot voted for her. My mom pulled ahead again! But alas, my friend's dad tweeted again. We just couldn't compete with his reach. But I want you all to know that my mom asked me to thank everyone on her behalf. I love my mom so much, but one of her biggest faults is her insecurity. And over the last two days she saw how loved she is, and how loved her family is. She has zero social media presence, and yet, she gave more than 35,000 twitter followers a run for their money. For this, we are truly thankful. She may not have won, but she is the richest person around. And to quote Clarence, the angel from It's A Wonderful Life, "Remember, no man is a failure who has friends." So thank you for making my sister, me, and most of all my mom, feel loved!


Anonymous said...

I am humbled...I feel loved. Thank you all. Vicki

Nely Piper said...

Well I know your mom... And I agree, she is an amazing woman and she is VERY special. With her warm smile and caring attitude, she puts a smile on my face EVERY time I see her. Her photography is exceptional and the photo of your daughter is a winner in my book! I know your beautiful family, and your sister's beautiful family, means the world to your mom. You are all blessed:) Friends and family... It doesn't get better than that!

Jenna said...

I was humbled that my students voted (even if some of them voted for the wrong picture, lol). We may not have won the contest, but we do have loyal friends and family and that means way more than any contest results do.