Lunch time Madness

Monday, August 12, 2013

I have been dreading this year for some time. And it has been looming on the horizon the last couple of weeks. This year we will be packing 2 school lunches. Our school does not have the option of hot lunch so 5 days a week, we need to make lunch and for those with less than adequate math skills, that's 10 lunches a week. My kids are fairly picky--neither eats sandwiches. Liam will eat PB&J but we are a peanut free school so that's not terribly helpful. Rori eats lunch meat, but hold the bread--nothing like sending her to school with a baggie full of salami. I decided to google lunches and try to find some new creative ideas. What I discovered was I need to be fired as a mom, or at least as domestic lunch lady.

One of the first pictures I came across was this one
Now, God bless this woman, and I am probably just jealous, but it made me want to stab my eyes out. This was her description of the lunch.
  • Main compartment - Bus shaped sandwich which I free hand cut with Smoked Gouda and Colby Longhorn cheese. Large olive slices for wheels. Some cute food picks as little people.
  • Lower left - Baby carrots and ranch in little dipper.
  • Upper left - Seedless green grapes and strawberry halves.
  • Center - Blueberries
  • Upper right - Pencil shaped cheddar string cheese with mozzarella tip,raisin for pencil lead and ham for eraser, pencil tip and eraser are secured with a thin spaghetti. Wheat thins below the pencil. Packed in our PlanetBox Rover and I included a LunchBox Love note with his lunch.
What the what???? Free hand shapes? Olive wheels? Gouda AND Colby? Edible, crafted pencil? 2 things stood out to me. One, her kid is going to be constipated with all that cheese. And two, clearly I have some time management issues in that I don't have time to hand craft a cut out sandwich and pencil. Not to mention that my kids would eat exactly 4 ingredients from that lunch--not 4 items or compartments, 4 ingredients. So, my friends, if any of you have any wonderful ideas that will take me exactly 2.5 minutes per lunch, has some nutritional value, and is enticing to my little ones, I am forever indebted to you.


Leslie Shogren said...

If you had time or the inclination to make school lunches like this, I'm not sure we could be friends. :) Seriously though...we pack three things: noodles, cheese and crackers and the shadiest a "nutella taco" which is nutella smeared in a tortilla. Clearly I do not have any good ideas for you.

Anonymous said...

HA! The only thing those nicely packed lunches do for me is add to my feeling of how terrible I am for not using every waking moment thinking about the kiddos. You know those lunchables from Oscar Meyer? I got lunch tupperware thingys with those compartments. Anything I put in their looks great and organized. Today it was carrots in one compartments, a clementine in another, tiny sausages that look like baby fingers in another and dipping sauce in another. I pack them the night before. Of course they are tiny compartments so I have to use two sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Have the kids pack them themselves? Love from your Mom who did that to turned out okay even if you ate yogurt almost every day. I love you :)

Jenna said...

That mom clearly needs a hobby, or some attention from her husband (if you know what I mean-and yes, I did go there).

jenn said...

even i couldn't/wouldn't do that if we had kids, geez. What do your kids eat as far as ingredients and maybe i can come up with something interesting (its jennifer, yes that one in cali,