I Proudly Present...My Kitchen!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Those of you who know me, know that I love baking and cooking--almost as much as I love eating! When we bought our house, I was really excited to have a house, however, I cried because the kitchen was so ugly. We did what we could at the time. We painted the walls and the cabinets, put in a new floor, got a new sink and counter tops, but it stopped there. It was small, dingy looking, and hugely lacking in counter and cabinet space. I had about 18 inches of counter space to do my prep work for baking and cooking. I often ended up really crabby because I would run out of room.

This fall we decided that we were going to invest in a new kitchen. I was beyond excited! We had Sears come in and design it. Their price was more than we could afford, so Bill, Ryan, and Bruce became my free labor. I cannot tell you how happy this kitchen makes me. Bill will often come home and find me sitting in there watching something on my kindle, or reading. I just loooove spending time in there. It's easily my favorite room in the house. The color makes me so happy, the counter space makes me so happy, the cabinets make me so happy!!! I am so happy!!

Let's start with the before. I am almost embarrassed to post the pictures of the before because it was so awful.

Shudder!! I had no cabinet space so things were stacked on top of the cabinets and fridge

The back door was scratched from our dog and there was a play kitchen on the back wall (Brendan is my photo bomber)

We had to use a bakers rack for our microwave and appliances. My parents gave  us their china cabinet (we had emptied it for demolition when I took these)
I forgot to get a picture of the stove wall, but it had one counter on the side of it. And that was all the space I had.

Next came demolition!

Look at those studs! (In the wall I mean ;) )

Someone may have been a little vigorous with the drilling and put a hole in my living room wall. But it's ok. I forgive them
It's starting to come along. Ryan came out two weekends in a row to make sure that I had a functional kitchen. We really appreciated Bruce and his help! 
Cabinets in, and lots of new lights, now new appliances!

We aren't quite finished. I need a window treatment, a new rug, and I am waiting for my backsplash to be installed. I finally picked one out, but we need to find a weekend where Bill and his dad can install it. (The pitfalls of doing things yourself.) I am looking for a wide striped roman shade for the window. Does anyone know where I can find one??? I am handicapped when it comes to window treatments.

Behold! My kitchen aid has a home on my counter and I still have plenty of room! We are going to put shelves next to that cabinet.

Space to roll out cinnamon rolls! And I can look out the window while I am doing it!

The new fridge still has a bunch of stuff on it--Bill loves a cluttered fridge -- I will allow it since he did all this for meeeee! Backsplash will go here.

I love my under-mount sink! I love that you can just brush crumbs in and it doesn't get crud around the outside!

The cabinet on the right hides two garbage cans! One for recycle and one for garbage. This wall will have the back splash as well. That's Thor in the corner

He likes to watch me bake. What can I say?

All of my cabinets have these pull out drawers. I am in love with them!! They hide all my appliances and pots and pans
This is the corner cabinet. I opted not to have a lazy susan because it gave me more space for things like Rori's easy bake oven ;) 

I decided to step out of my box and paint the door an accent color and I think I love it! It reminds me of Nantucket.
I love to stand at that counter and bake while I look out the window 

Thor likes the view as well
There you have it! Many many thanks to Bill, Bruce, Ryan, and Jenna for all their help in making this possible. I am in love!!


Gabli said...

It looks great and I think the door color is perfect! The best part is the ever so colorful "Giving Rooster" with blue feathers! LOL. Do you think he will ever have one of those "oops he just fell" accidents?
You are an amazing momma chef and I almost devoured your birthday treat by myself. Cip had to ask for permission. You deserve a great kitchen and I am glad you finally got one;)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is an even happier place now. It is bright and beautiful just like YOU! I would get angry in your old kitchen just making a sandwich...I don't know how you made all those delicious creations...So happy for you. Love, MOM

Jenna said...

Looks good little sister!

Anonymous said...

love your new kitchen and would love one of your cinnamon buns

love you

Leslie Shogren said...

I'm so happy that you got a new kitchen and even happier that you finally decided on a backsplash! I can't wait to see it once its in. And I am glad that we are able to once again enjoy treats from the Patrick kitchen.

Anna said...

Beautiful!!!!!! All those pull-outs make me swoon!:0) Nice job to all. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I glad you love your kitchen and I love all the cookies, cakes and cinnamon rolls that will come out it now!-Bill

Lesley said...

I meant to comment earlier, but FB was giving me troubles that day. Your kitchen looks great, Jaime!! That is so awesome that you have so much more counter space!! Yes, cooks and bakers need that precious counter space. Love the pull out drawers in the cabinets, and yes, the undermount sink is awesome!!