Gingerbread Houses!! Day 16

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We were planning on seeing Zoo Lights with Aunt Nicki and Uncle Nicholas, like we had last year. Unfortunately the only day that worked was a Sunday. Aunt Nicki thoughtfully asked if we might prefer to do make Gingerbread houses at the Art Institute so that the kids didn't have to be out late before school. We thought this was a great idea!

When the kids opened that calendar they were beyond excited! They love Aunt Nicki and Uncle Nicholas, and of course, any time they can get to see Stanley they are going to be overjoyed! We picked them up and headed straight to the Art Institute. When they pulled out the houses we were all in awe. They smelled sooooo good! They came with a big piping bag of frosting and a ridiculous amount of candy. Rori wanted to work with Aunt Nicki because Aunt Nicki is magical :) I took Liam and Bill and Uncle Nicholas helped Brendan.

Look at all that candy!

Rori is in heaven!

Me and my sweet firstborn boy!
It was really amazing. I could have sat there all day decorating the house. And, I think Bill will need his own gingerbread house because I kept hearing him tell Brendan and Nicholas that their ideas didn't fit the design aesthetic :) Liam ate half of his candy, but there was still plenty to fill up his house! After we decorated the houses, we went back to Aunt Nicki and Uncle Nicholas' for some Stanley time and pizza. Liam wasn't feeling well (which I could tell while we were outside waiting to get into the Art Institute. He kept saying he was freezing, and if you know Liam, you know that he is a radiator of heat, so when he's cold, he's probably sick).

One for my mouth

and one for the house
serious business


the final masterpieces!

Looks pretty good for a 3 year old...

We had a really lovely time and are displaying the houses on my new counter tops :) Thank goodness for them, or else I don't know where we would put them. My kitchen smells heavenly and the kids love to show them off to anyone who will pay attention (show off the houses, not my counters ;) ). So thank you Aunt Nicki for giving our kids this fun experience! The kids are so blessed to have you both in their lives!

Merry Christmas

To all!

and to all a good night!


Baba HooHoo said...

Poor Liam, but great job all, and yes Bill looks good for a 3 year old :)

Leslie Shogren said...

Those houses are amazing! So fun!

Anonymous said...

What awesome houses. Especially the one Brendan did. They make our kitchen smell great for weeks. What a great time. Thank you Uncle Nicholas and Aunt Nicki--Bill