Day 7

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nativity Craft! In all honesty, this craft wasn't scheduled for today. However, we did it last year and the kids have been BEGGING me to do it again. Every day they have said, "maybe it's the nativity craft!" And for 6 days it has not been. So, I swapped out post-its and made their dreams come true. I may be exaggerating their dreams a bit...

Bill working very hard

Liam taking a break for the last of the hostess donettes 

Rori takes this very seriously

This year we let Brendan do one, so I helped him, Bill helped Liam, and Rori was completely self-sufficient. It was a beautiful thing. It went much faster than last year because this time I knew what I was doing. The kids had a great time and Brendan was even able to do quite a bit of his by himself. They set their nativity's up in their rooms and Rori is taking role call to make sure nobody is missing every morning (obviously I am a little behind on my blogging :) ).

Here's Brendan's

Bill's, I mean Liam's :)

And Rori Rose's!

As long as they keep selling this craft, I think it's going to be a yearly tradition--it's definitely a crowd pleaser!


Leslie Shogren said...

Love the nativity crafts! Maybe you should just stock up on them now so you have enough for the next few years. Did you get them at Michael's?

Baba HooHoo said...

Looks like are super MOM

Anonymous said...

Our family's mostest favoritest craft. I am glad I got to be apart of it this year. Next year I may need my own.--Bill