Day 6--Cookies!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Today was our tradition of baking cookies with Auntie Val. Every year my sister and I would ditch school one Monday during December. We would spend the night and each pick out a cookie from a cookbook. Then the next day, we would go shopping for the ingredients and bake our cookies. We loved this and I really think that's where my love for baking came from. Auntie Val never told us we couldn't do something. She was very patient with us let us take ownership of our own cookies.

Brendan had to have auntie val supervise him, or he would've dumped the whole container of sprinkles on one cookie
Auntie Val's schedule is different now so we don't have time to make the cookie dough while she is over, so Brendan and I did that while the big kids were at school. Then when they got home and Auntie Val came over we rolled out the cookies and sprinkled away!!
Auntie Val let them each roll some dough by themselves

I am not going to lie, the kids go all out with the sprinkles. There were a few mountains of sprinkles on the cookies. But honestly, the more sprinkles, the better they taste. I wish I hadn't put the kabosh on the over sprinkling!

I love that my kids get to make these kinds of memories with Auntie Val too. Jenna and I got to have such a special relationship with Auntie Val and Uncle Randy, that I am grateful that my kids get to experience a bit of it too!

*(ignore the kitchen--it's not finished. I am getting countertops today and keeping my finger crossed that I will get handles and knobs this week!)


Leslie Shogren said...

So, does that mean you sprinkle the sugar cookies before baking them? I've never tried that. I LOVE the tradition that you did as a kid being passed along to your kiddos. So special!

April said...

ok this is a lovely post very family and special and sweet, but now I am dying even more to see your kitchen in real will I live another 8 days??

Baba HooHoo said...

Looks fun and hectic...extra sprinkles for me please!

Anonymous said...

I love when they make cookies with Auntie Val. The are so good. I just wish they made more cookies as they are almost gone. Double or triple batches next year please.--Bill

R said...

Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves. Reminds me of the old days. Uncle R