Day 5 of 2012 Advent

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today was AWANA (well yesterday, but let's pretend today is December 5, shall we?). We only have about an hour and 15 minutes from when I get home from work until we have to leave for AWANA. So, today had to be quick and easy. I stole an idea I had used from last year, but with a little extra. It was bakery cookies PLUS Wacky Pack Wednesday! Do I know how to party, or do I know how to party?

On my way to work, I stopped at our favorite bakery and picked up Snowman cookies as well as bonus Smiley Face cookies. Wednesday also happens to be the day that Wacky Pack's are only $1.99 at Sonic. So we figured we would combine them into one activity and it would save us from rushing to make a dinner. Score for me! When they saw the cookies they were ridiculously excited and quickly ate their dinner so they could get to the cookies!

Aren't they cute?

Gotta love the black frosting that turns their tongues black!

Two fisting it!

Black teeth!


Baba HooHoo said...

I love black tongues and teeth...really cute photos mama. Now, go take a nap!

Leslie Shogren said...

What bakery are those from? I love your Wacky Pack idea. Nothing wrong with being practical and fun!

Anonymous said...

They sure do love their cookies. What was not shown was Papa's advent treat, 2 wonderfully greasy chocolate cake dounts. I have the bestest wife ever!--Bill