Day 4!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ok, so I didn't post when I got home last night. We had AWANA and then a shower took precedence. Priorities people. So, for day 4, I contemplated switching what I had originally planned, but because of the reaction to the lame craft, I knew I needed to keep it the same and encourage them to see the world a little differently. We (well, I was at the Story) made Christmas cards for soldiers. I had googled a website call A Million Thanks that will send card to soldiers that need them. And also googled homemade cards because I am lacking all crafting originality. I found ones that you could make reindeer with thumbprints. Easy enough that I could do it.

When they opened the calendar they were excited but didn't know what this really meant. So we sat down and talked about how their are soldiers fighting for our county and they don't get to come home for Christmas. I told them they might have children at home that they miss very much, and would love to get a card from other children and that might make them feel better. I also told them, that their cards could possibly go to a soldier that doesn't have any family and won't be getting any cards except theirs. They were excited to get to send them some Christmas cheer.

I picked up some Christmas stickers as well as some Americana stickers so the soldiers would know that my kids have American pride :) I cut all the paper for Bill and left him instructions. I think they turned out pretty cute. They did manage to use every single sticker!

Bill took some pictures for me so I could feel like I was there :)

Here are their brown fingers from the reindeer

Check out that hair!!

Rori did a great job writing a personal note to the soldier

Those cards are full of cheer!


Baba HooHoo said...

Those cards are adorable...good prep work sous chef mama and good cooking papa.

Leslie Shogren said...

Awesome idea! I will probably steal it from you. Also, I love Brendan's smile in the last picture. Too cute for words!

Jenna said...

Maybe one of my students over there will get one of your cards- that would be cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prep work Jaime. It was a fun to watch them work so hard on this. Rori with her personal notes were great. They have been praying everynight since for our soliders that keep us safe--Bill