Day 14 Thank you to our Public Servants

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today we made cookies for the firemen. I let Rori and Liam each pick out what cookie they wanted to make. I picked out Brendan's :) He normally loves to help bake, but the day before we had made cookies for grandma and grandpa Casey, so I think he had gotten his baking fix. "He" made candy cane cookies with a Junior Mint pressed in the center. It was a new recipe in my "Our Best Bites" cookbook. I did most of it by myself. It was actually really calming because I got to use my new counter space and really spread out. My new counters face a window so I could look out and day dream. Brendan did help with pressing in the Junior Mints, thought. I didn't get any pictures because somebody had to make sure he didn't burn himself...

When Liam got home we made peanut butter blossoms. He loooooved making these. He kept saying how good they smelled. He is old enough that he pretty much did everything and I just supervised. These cookies remind me of baking with Auntie Val. Jenna almost always picked this type, so for me, it is very much a traditional Christmas cookie. He really enjoyed rolling the balls in the sugar. He told the firemen he rolled them in salt, but I clarified it for them ;) .

He licked the peanut butter left in the measuring cup

Rolling in "salt"
Shortly after we finished Liam's cookie, I turned the tv on to eat my lunch. That's when I saw the news about the devastating tragedy in Newtown, CT. I started to sob as the level of devastation was becoming realized. Brendan walked into the room and asked me if I was crying because "Dude" (Liam) was naughty. I told him no, I was crying because of what was on TV. He told me to turn it off and put Batman on, that would make me feel better. I did turn it off, but I did not feel better. I went upstairs and just prayed. It took everything in my power not to run to Rori's school and pick her up and hold her safe in my arms. Away In A Manger kept running through my head "Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care, And take us to heaven to live with Thee there" I prayed for mercy and peace.

I contemplated cancelling our activity. I didn't know if it seemed insensitive. But I didn't want to tell the kids about what happened. I don't want them going to school in fear, and they were looking forward to delivering the cookies. So at 3:00 I grabbed Rori and held her. Then we baked cookies. She picked out double chocolate peppermint cookies with a candy cane kiss in the center. I am not going to lie. These were delicious. They were a chocolate cookie with dark chocolate ghirardelli chips and some peppermint extract. Seriously delicious. My favorite flavor combination.

She's getting so independent

So when papa got home, we plated the cookies and headed to the fire station. The firemen seemed very touched by the kids bringing them cookies. Liam was unusually outgoing and told them that he helped make them, rolled them in salt, and that he at two of them already. They let the kids sit in the firetruck and gave them each a hat and coloring book. Afterwards, I thought we probably should've delivered some to the police station. Next year, police officers, our cookies are coming for you ;) 


Yvonne said...

Great tradition, Jamie! I haven't done that yet, and it's on my "to do" list this week. But we're all sick right now. Boo! Which fire station did you go to? Also, I was baking cookies last Friday too when I heard the news about Newtown. In a way, may I always think about the kids and teachers of Newtown and lift up a prayer for them whenever I bake now!

Leslie Shogren said...

So fun! You need to post links to those recipes so we know where to find them. I'm intrigued by the junior mint one. We stole this idea from you last year and the boys LOVED it. Not sure if we'll get to it this year or not.

Anonymous said...

They thought it was so cool to sit in the firetruck. Liam so so excited to bring the cookies to them he did not stop talking the whole time we were there.--Bill

Baba HooHoo said...

Sweet, sweet kids and mama.