Day 12 Toot Toot

Monday, December 17, 2012

Today we were going to make Christmas cards for our teachers, but Leslie posted on Facebook that a choo choo restaurant was having a special where if you brought new, unwrapped toys, you would get free kids meals! We had gone to a train restaurant over the summer with Jenna when we had a Groupon and the kids periodically ask when they can go back, so this seemed like a great opportunity for the kids to have fun and do a good deed.

We bribed Brendan with playing with the train if he ate his dinner--he's been on a hunger strike.

The kids were so proud to carry in the new toys to donate to kids that need them. They had each picked out things that they thought someone else would like. The food was surprisingly delicious and the servers were really nice. One of them brought a train for the kids to play with at our table. They got the biggest kick out of the trains bringing all the customers their food. We don't go out to eat with the kids very often, because it gets pretty expensive, so this was a good excuse to do that and do something nice for those in need.

We ran into these guys there :) 


Jenna said...

That place looks cool

Leslie Shogren said...

Glad they had fun! We've never been given a toy train to play with while we are there, so you must have charmed your waiter.

Anonymous said...

The food was good and the kids enjoyed it. My favorite past was spending a half at the store while they picked out their toys to go give away.--Bill

Baba HooHoo said...