3rd day of Advent

Monday, December 3, 2012

Well, today I felt a bit like a Norman Rockwell painting. I am going to be honest and say that today's activity was a crafting fail. Last year, the kids looooved all the crafts we did. Even the ones that I thought would be lame and a bust were big hits. This year I picked up several crafts from various stores. I found some jingle bells that were to be made into Rudolph and Frosty. And there were 6 in one package! Perfect! A few years ago we had taken the kids on a Polar Express ride and they had received jingle bells which they thought were the best things ever. I just knew this would be an awesome craft.

Unfortunately the craft, while it said it was for ages 6 and up, was challenging for the adults. The kids were able to put on Frosty's nose and eyes and that's about it. Fortunately Grandma Casey stayed and each kid had an adult that did the whole thing helped. I ended up having to get out the hot glue gun and I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't pretty. I may have burned my fingers 4 or 5 least. Honestly, the only redeeming quality of this craft was that we go to spend time together, as a family, laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing was. Fortunately, I KNOW that my other crafts are winners...I hope...please!!!
Liam put forth some serious effort

Thank goodness grandma Casey stayed to help!

Brendan wandered away at one point...

I am shiny because I literally started sweating while doing this. 

The finished product--they really did like them once they were finished! 


Gabli said...

LOL. This put a smile on my face- not that I am laughing at your misfortune but because I can relate. This is why I am hesitating with our crafts. We always end up with burnt fingers or lost children;)

Baba HooHoo said...

Keep on keeping on mama, you are making some wonderful memories.

Leslie Shogren said...

Oh my! I feel your pain. I bought that same awful craft kit last year. Looked adorable and claimed to be age appropriate, but so not. I gave up. In fact, I found it this week when I was unpacking my crafts, half of it still in the box. Kudos to you for getting out the hot glue gun and finishing!!! Great memories!

Anonymous said...

Funtimes were had all and great memories were made.--Bill