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Friday, November 9, 2012

 I love to laugh

Loud and long and clear

I love to laugh

It's getting worse every year!

The more I fill with glee

and the more the glee

the more the merrier me

It's embarrassing

the more the merrier me!

We love to laugh!

Oh Brendan, you're hilarious!

Aw shucks!
(name the movie that song is from, and I'll give you a quarter!)


Baba HooHoo said...

Mary Poppins, show me the $

Leslie Shogren said...

Mary Poppins...i still want a quarter even though your mom beat me to the punch.

Ashley Moore said...

Omg. I love every picture!!!!

April said...

Love it all so very cute!! And of course I knew it was Mary Poopins!! That's how we like to say it at our house because its so much funnier that way ;) Love you friend!!