Farewell stinky couch and tiny fridge!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today was a big day for us! A big expensive day!

Most of the furniture Bill and I have has been handed down to us from our families. The only piece we purchased our selves was our family room couch. It was the worst piece of furniture in our home (minus my special gold chair, which will meet its demise someday...). Our couch was stained--many of the spots were just water spots but they stained nonetheless. Unfortunately none of the cushions came off this stupid couch, so you couldn't flip them or take them off to get into the couch. Things would get lost inside of it--one time we lost the remote for months until we tipped the couch over and could hear it rattling around. There was no way to get to it without cutting a hole in the bottom of the couch. So we did. Eventually the couch developed a hole between the cushions and we were able to reach our arms through the couch and get things that fell in there. The bad part was that you couldn't see in there, so you had no idea what you might be touching--dirty kleenex, fruit snacks, or worse. One day I caught Brendan dropping a stick from his pancake on a stick down there. Apparently it had become the garbage couch. The couch started to smell, it was like a combination of spoiled milk and stinky feet. Shortly thereafter a second spring broke (I'm not sure when the first one broke) and I told Bill, "that's it! We are buying a new couch!". We had to completely cut the bottom off the couch to make sure there weren't any treasures in there we had been missing (like Liam's bad guys, or princesses, or Barbies). Bill wouldn't let me take a real picture because apparently he thought we should be embarrassed about the water bottles, dried up mini donuts, and fruit snacks that were waiting for us...
Here it is, sadly waiting on the curb. A hideous beast, it is

Bill allowed me to post this picture, but know, there was a garbage bag next to the couch full of even more stuff/garbage

So, today our new couch arrived. It is a thing of beauty--to us anyway! It's firm--you don't fear getting sucked into a dark cavernous hole. It sits high enough that you don't need someone to pull you out, and most of all, there is no way that things could fall into it and disappear. I will no longer be embarrassed when my girls come over to watch The Bachelor and I have to cover the couch with a sheet as they fight over who gets to sit on the floor!

The other major purchase we made early on in our marriage was a fridge. I am notoriously frugal and decided I didn't want to spend the extra money to get one large enough to fill the space we have. Bad move. The fridge worked fine for us, but then we had babies. Then those babies became children. Those children ate food and drank milk. Suddenly our fridge was way too small. We have lived with it until now. Since we are redoing our kitchen starting next week (say a prayer for us that we don't kill each other) we decided it was a good time to purchase a new one. It came today as well! I am in love. It's LED lights are glowing and beckoning to me to fill it with food and beverages. I could fit inside it and live there, surrounded by my favorite things.
Doesn't everyone have a fridge in their dining room? 
Our cabinets also arrived today, but we are terrified and overwhelmed at the idea of opening all of them to make sure there's no damage. We will think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow, after all, is another day!


Baba HooHoo said...

I was sure there was a troll or monster in there...Looks like I'll be able to get out of the new one! So excited for you on the new stuff. Will pray you don't kill each other!

Gabli said...

Glad to know that we aren't the only ones with a treasure chest/sofa. Hilarious posts and great gorgeous pics!

Anonymous said...

Love the new couch and Fridge. Excited and scared to start to the kitchen.--Bill