Rori's Birthday Party

Monday, August 20, 2012

So I am also late doing this post. I really should just stop commenting on my lateness, as it is no longer unusual, but has become the norm. Anyway, Rori's birthday party was the weekend after Liam's and 3 days before we left for Florida. I was a little stressed, so I popped one of my airplane Xanax (I had a couple of extras). My allergies were also acting up, so I also popped two benadryl. This was me about an hour before the party. My mom was pretty worried.
Anyway, enough about me. I pulled it together in time for the party. Rori wanted a Rapunzel birthday party, and she requested a pinata. It was 8000 degrees out that day. Bill hung the pinata outside about 30 min before the party. We figured we would play some of the games and then do the pinata. My mother brilliantly realized the candy (much of which was chocolate) was probably melting. So, it became the first activity. Bill thought of hitting it with a frying pan.

Unfortunately it just knocked the pinata off it's string. So we re-connected it, and tried again

Same result. Since the candy was melting we decided to have them just pull the strings.

Success! I suggested they put their candy bags in the fridge when they got home...

Next we played pin the Pasqual on the Rapunzel

Then we headed back outside for the dress up game. The girls had two teams and each had to put on a princess dress, shoes, and jewelry, spin around and say "bibbidy bobbity boo" then run back and tag the next person.

The next game was an Ariel game. The girls were blindfolded and had to dig in a sandbox for sea shells. Whomever found the most was the winner. I didn't realize until later, that some of the moms didn't know me, and I wonder if they thought, when dropping their girls off, that we kept a litter box in the front yard. Hopefully their girls told them what it was there for!

I was worried that the girls would get antsy while waiting for their turns, but they were really good at self-entertaining. They found bugs to look at!
Then we had cupcakes. We had to rush the girls. They take much longer to eat cupcakes than boys do!
Then we did presents and it was time for them to go! We were thankful for my mom and my sister who took pictures, and Ryan and my mother in law for all their help!


Anonymous said...

It was a great party.--Bill

Baba HooHoo said...

It was fun...not so hot when we found the shade in the front yard. Loved the frying pan and sad it didn't work. Great day and cupcakes with the homemade icing!