I overshare for you

Monday, July 23, 2012

I am behind in the posts that I need to do--we had Rori's birthday party, her actual birthday, and our fabulous vacation. However, I need to edit pictures for those, and well, I finally booted up our computer for the first time since vacation, and haven't had time to play with the pictures. However, I have a bit of a public service announcement. A PSA.

I have a teeny tiny bladder. My friends can attest to this. The guy at work whose office is right next to the bathroom, can attest to this.  I blame the giant babies that sat on my bladder for nine months. It's well known that I will not be able to make it through a movie at the theater without either squirming and leaping up at the credits, or more likely, missing part of the movie for a potty run. Then I get back to my seat and annoy Bill by asking what I have missed. We have contemplated getting me one of those suits that race car drivers wear--but I have decided that would be gross. Enter! My friend Leslie sent me a link to this app a while ago. I tested it out last night when we went to see Spiderman. I downloaded it to my iPod (I am the second to last person on the planet to get a smart phone--if my sister beats me to it, I know I will officially be the last person on the planet). I wasn't sure if it would work at the theater because there is no wifi, but I figured I would give it a go. What do you know, it worked! It gave me 3 different potty options--and told me how long I had. Then when I got back to my seat, I could read the quick synopsis of what happened. You start the timer when the movie starts and it gives you the cues right before you should leave for the bathroom. As a bonus, it tells you if there are any scenes after the credits! Totally helpful--we will never miss scenes like the Avengers eating shwarma at a restaurant together again!

Anyway, just had to share my new favorite app (and it's free)! You now know me a little better...

Coolest party we've ever planned!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last Saturday Liam got to have his very own birthday party at our house. Bill and I had planned this before school got out because he had a few friends from school he wanted to invite. Yet, somehow, it still crept up on us. Liam had decided he wanted an Angry Birds and Super Mario party. So, Bill and I scoured the internet to steal other people's ideas. It's what we do best.

Bill stayed up until midnight on Friday decorating the balls for the Angry Birds game. We had this game planned for a month, however, Bill and I are the same and neither one of us likes to plan ahead. Love us as we are, people. They turned out awesome. The kids were very impressed, and Bill became the coolest dad ever!

We also played "Pin the Mustache on Mario." The mustaches were cut out at noon on Saturday. The party was at 1:00. Do you sense a pattern? We would make excellent wedding planners... This game was also a hit--if not just because it was inside where we could cool off from the 879 degree weather. I am not exaggerating. It was really funny watching the kids with their blindfolds on! They were completely disoriented. I loved it :)

The last game we played before cupcakes and presents, was "Shoot the Bad Mario Guy." I am not sure if that is the technical name. It too was a complete hit! Some of the kids played Angry Birds again and some played the Mario game, so nobody had to wait too long.

The kids had nerf-like guns (we didn't spring for the name brand--don't be like us, get the name brand) to shoot the bad guy when Bill, or one of his helpers held up two signs--one with a good guy and one with a bad guy.

Bill's minions

Then we broke for cupcakes. I made the Angry Birds cupcakes that I had made a few weeks earlier for his actual birthday. They were a big hit and several kids had two. You know that gives me a thrill because I love to feed people. It's my calling.
It looks like the yellow bird pooped over the side. What can I say?

Please notice the angry birds hanging from the ceiling--I didn't get a good picture of them, but they were to replace the helium balloons we were going to get. Apparently there is a nationwide shortage of helium and the party store isn't doing balloons. I'm not making that up. It's true. 

Bill and I were so thrilled to be able to pull this party off--even with our penchant for avoiding the details until the last minute. We did have a lot of help from Grandma Casey, and if Grandma Hoo Hoo hadn't been there, there would have been zero pictures. So thank you Grandmas! Can't wait to do it all again in a few days for Rori!

All the kids!