Tin Can Treats and Pretzel M&M's

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, mom and dad, since I am blogging so much, I don't know what we will talk about on the phone now. I guess you can tell me about your day :) Every other blogger tells you about their day and some of them are not particularly interesting, so I will just join in with them.

This morning I made my new favorite breakfast. I latch on to one food for breakfast and then eat it until I am sick of it or the next thing comes along. For awhile it was Fiber One cereal, while I was pregnant, nothing was better than Raisin Bran--sigh--I can still remember how happy it made me, most recently it was Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal. For the last month, however, it has been Green Monster Smoothies!!! They look and sound gross but honestly it's seriously the best breakfast ever!! I feel like I am eating a shake for breakfast--not to mention the incredible health benefits. Don't ask me what they are--I just know they are incredible because that's what everyone on the internet says and I believe everything I read on the internet ;)

After Brendan and I took the big kids to school we did our grocery shopping and then I set to work on tomorrow's teacher appreciation gifts. I made these last year and honestly thought they were the cutest things ever! Yesterday when I mentioned that I could use scissors, I forgot to add that I can also wield a glue gun with minimal self-burning. I got the idea and templates from my girls at Our Best Bites. They have made me look good many times in the last few years. I have been trying to plan ahead so that I wouldn't be running around this week, so a few weeks ago I bought a couple of medium size bags of pretzel M&M's. I bought pretzel ones because they take up a lot of space and I don't have to worry about nut allergies. However, in my attempts to plan ahead, the pretzel M&M's disappeared. The bags are empty. I'm not sure how this happened as Bill and the kids don't like them. They are my arch-nemesis. (nemeses? nemesis's?) So, I picked up some Hershey miniatures and some Rolo's. While I made these last year, I must have forgotten this little tidbit. The lids are some type of metal. Metal conducts heat. The lids get hot while you are hot gluing them. Other than that, they are right up my craft alley. I think they turned out adorable!

When Bill got home I went to the gym and did my 8:34 mile. Unfortunately I had to get off the treadmill after 1 mile because the guy next to me smelled soooooo bad. I think it was my punishment for judging the lady lifting weights in jeans and the man working out in khaki's with a belt. It looks seriously uncomfortable. I did the elliptical for a bit and then got back on and ran one more 8:34 mile. I probably smelled by this point and the person next to me was probably grateful that I only did a mile. Then I headed home to make dinner.

I don't have a witty closing line, except for the kids are in bed and my husband is waiting for some personal attention to tell me about his day. So goodnight for now.


Jenna said...

That was one of my favorite treats last year! Bummer about the pretzel m & Ms though.

Anonymous said...

If pretzel M&Ms ever come in house again I can be in charge of rationing them for you, until you persuade me with a come hither look to give you the whole bag. Also green monster equal gross. --Bill

Baba HooHoo said...

You are super...MOM really cute tin you do that