Two peas in a pod

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have I mentioned that Bill loves presents? Even more than presents, he loves to be surprised by presents. Which is why he will not allow me to purchase gifts from his Amazon wish list. I have to "put thought" into them, blah blah blah. The pressure about kills me every year. Actually, twice a year--as he likes to be surprised on his birthday as well. It's torture, I tell you.

Anyway, this year we decided we were going to do $25 gifts to each other and keep it cheap. However, I discovered the Kindle Fire. I knew he would loooooove it. He loves gadgets and while he would like an iPad, I figured he would settle for the "poor man's iPad" as I like to call it. However, there was the issue of the $25 gifts. So I decided I would cancel my fall hair highlights and skip my Monday/Wednesday coffees. That would justify the expense.

I ordered the Fire and knew I would be the best wife ever (well to him, anyway) and I couldn't wait to surprise him. Unfortunately, he accidentally found out about the surprise. I was devastated and told him that I cancelled it (which I did, but re-ordered it). I think he wasn't entirely sure if I was going to come through or not. I know he was hoping I would.

Then, I saw it! There was a Cyber Monday deal for a Kitchen Aid Professional Series 6 quart mixer. I have been dying for one of these for a couple of years. The bowl is much bigger than my regular kitchen aid and it has almost double the watts! I sent him the link and kept my fingers crossed. I was 99% sure that he would get it for me, because he's that kind of guy. Out the window went our $25 limit.

I decided I wanted to trick Bill into thinking that he wasn't going to get the fire. I am evil like that. I gave him a gift certificate for, knowing he would think it was for adding things to his Fire. Then I gave him a box about the size of a Fire. He opened it and in it was a kitchen scale. (maniacal laugh) He on the other hand smiled politely and didn't act like there was anything bad about it, since he had actually mentioned he would like one. I know that a tiny part of him died inside. And I enjoyed it--because I am evil like that.

I opened my gifts. There was no Kitchen Aid. I was disappointed, but I wasn't sure if he was going to save it for my birthday. Then as we were both cleaning up the wrapping paper, he went out to the garage and I went to the laundry room. We both returned with our secret gifts. We are soul mates who get enjoyment out of torturing each other.
my precious

say goodbye to evening conversation...


jenna said...

You two are so weird!

Baba HooHoo said...

You look quite sexy showing off your kitchen aid! Great story.

April said...

ha ha I agree with both the above comments! You are both dorks! And yes you look super sexy with your new power tool!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!! Can't believe you didn't call me the second after you opened it!!! xoxo glad your Christmas was super!!!

Anonymous said...

I loooove my new Kindle Fire (when the kids let me play with!) I can't wait to fill with books amd more games. I also cannot wait for some cookies out the gift that keeps on giving. My wife is the bestest!--Bill