Day 5 of the 2011 Advent Calendar

Monday, December 5, 2011

This morning the kids were excited, as usual, to open their advent calendar. Liam took it down and had me read it. "Today we are writing letters to Santa!" Crickets. chirp. chirp. Ok, so they can't all be winners. I work on Mondays and then we have dinner with Bill's parents, so there is not a lot of time before bed for activities. I tried to get them excited by telling them we were going to write to him and let him know what they would like and then we could mail them. I may have thrown in a "woo hoo!" to help breathe some excitement into the idea.

Tonight they were more excited. After dinner we got out the paper they had given us at Santa's workshop on the first day. Liam drew pictures of what he wants--RescueBots and the Millenium Falcon. Rori made a list of Barbies, Color Wonders, and Sketch Pads. They actually had a really nice time.

Excuse the bit of spaghetti on her face. We don't own napkins. Or washcloths. But she's lovely with spaghetti lipstick anyway.
Good Lord, that smile looks like it hurts a bit!

He drew good rescue bots and bad rescue bots.

Concerned about committing to one thing in particular--I told her she could list a few.

The finished project. Ready to be mailed to the North Pole!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! That's the paper you got at Bass? I might steal this idea from you. I'm trying to get the boys to commit to one or two items, or at least things that are possible. They keep dreaming up fictional toys. -Les

Baba HooHoo said...

Beautiful faces, great letters and my wild blonde boy is getting to be quite the artist!

Anonymous said...

Love the Rori deep thought picture and the Liam with his devilish grin as he tells Santa what he wants. Next year my one idea that I contribute will be better--Bill