Day 16 of Advent fun

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday was a really hard day for me. I think the stress of everything I felt I needed to do the day before, caught up with me. And I still needed to make a batch of butter cookie cutouts for the following day. I was kind of getting to the point of hating cookies... Anyway, I got hit with an incredibly bad migraine right around lunch time. I took my prescription medicine and ate some lunch and drank some caffeine, but I felt incredibly nauseous and was worried I might throw up. I've only had a migraine that bad once before. I ended up calling Bill and asking him if he could come home as soon as he possibly could get out of work. About an hour and a half later, it dulled and I felt like I would be ready for our activity for the day. We were going to drive around and look at Christmas lights. It was something we used to do with my Aunt and Uncle when we were little. Unfortunately, about an hour before we were going to go, the migraine came back full force. I took some more medicine and laid down. I still felt kind of bad, but good enough to go for a drive.

We decided to make it more fun for the kids by letting them get milk shakes to drink in the car. Rori didn't want one unless I got one too, so I did. I think it helped my headache :) So we drank our milkshakes and drove around looking at lights. The kids all really liked it, even Brendan. We counted the number of Nativity scenes--at least 18, and Rori planned out how she wants our yard to look next year. Papa's really excited about that :) There's just something about driving around and seeing the Christmas lights that really bring out the Christmas spirit.
I love it when houses go crazy for Christmas lights!

This house had homemade Disney and Pixar Characters--really cute!

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Baba HooHoo said...

Great night time photos my girl! Which camera did you use! So glad the headache is gone.