Day 15, a few days late

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ah, day 15, it was actually a day I had been dreading. You see, it was Thursday. The day before Friday, the last day of school before Christmas break. I had the bright idea of making teacher gifts. It's been an expensive year for us and so I wanted to do homemade gifts instead of spending a lot of money because I needed 4 gifts. People seem to really enjoy the gourmet popcorn that I make, so I wanted to make that for them. For some reason, I get these grandiose ideas and then end up killing myself to do them, and swear I will never do that again...and then I forget and do it again. I decided to make all three flavors of popcorn for each teacher. Unfortunately they need to be pretty fresh because I haven't determined the shelf life on them, so I needed to do them all the day before. It wouldn't have been so bad except for the vast amount of dishes that I created.

Along with the three batches of popcorn, I made sugar cookie dough because somehow all the cookies we made with Auntie Val the previous week had disappeared. Fortunately Auntie Val was coming over again so she happily helped the kids roll out the dough and put sprinkles on them while I barked orders like a drill sargent. I may have frightened myself. I think I was losing the Christmas Spirit...But to be fair, I still needed to tie all the ribbons and package the popcorn so I was a little overwhelmed.

Anywho, back to the Advent Calendar. It was supposed to be dinner at McDonald's Playland, but the day before Bill and I agreed there wasn't really time to do that, so Bill stopped at Michael's on his way home and picked up a Christmas craft. The kids were none the wiser. They got to color little vinyl Santa's. Bill wanted to help them because he said he felt jipped by always being banished to the family room with Brendan. So, I happily snuggled in with him to watch Mickey Mouse before bed.

This is pretty much his picture face...I think he thinks if he opens his eyes, the camera will steal his soul...

Fortunately the kids are loving doing the Christmas crafts, so it was once again a big hit! And after they went to bed, I watched fa la la la lifetime (thank goodness for cheesy Christmas movies) and tied ribbons on 30 bags of popcorn.

I bought these cute buckets from Target to hold the popcorn and those are the homemade cards the kids made

inside the bucket--they each held 4 bags of popcorn

My mom made adorable tags for each flavor

Peanut butter crunch, peppermint bark, and cinnamon caramel corn

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Baba HooHoo said...

May the Lord bless you for all of you time and effort with these things you are doing and still maintaining some semblence (sp) of grace.