Day 10

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I am seriously bored of my post titles. Soon they may just simply be the number--my creativity knows no bounds. Yesterday our advent activity was making a portion of our teacher gifts. My parents were coming over because Rori's ballet class was having a Christmas show (when my mom sends me the pictures, perhaps I will do a bonus blog) and we figured since they were going to be out here, we could work on the gifts. My mom ordered a bunch of different potpourri ingredients and the kids made their own potpourri. She had done this with Rori two years ago and it was a big hit with everyone.

I wasn't sure if Liam would want to help because he had gotten to spend  the entire time we were at the ballet show playing Mario Kart with Grandpa. I was only allowed 4 tickets to the show because it was held in the gym. The Spring recital will be held in an auditorium. So Grandpa Hoo Hoo stayed home with Liam while Bill, Grandma Casey, and Grandma Hoo Hoo came with us to the show. Anyway, he was enamored with Grandpa and I wasn't sure if he'd want to help, but he did. However, he is refusing to give them to the teachers because he's "scared." I told him that if he didn't give them to his teachers, he was going to have to sort our all of the ingredients and put them back in the bags they came from. I was sure that would be a deal breaker as there were 2 TB of cloves (tiny triangles) and 2 TB of allspice (tiny balls) mixed with other things. It would be a nightmare to separate them, but he started to do it. Dang, this boy is stubborn. So, I gave in and told him I would help him give them to the teachers.

carefully measuring

My mom made the tags--aren't they pretty? (Rori tied the red bow--she's pretty good considering she doesn't have tie shoes)

I had been looking forward to relaxing, but alas, guess who got to tie the bows? (I don't know why I look pregnant in this picture--I totally am not--normally I wouldn't post it, but I've been promising to have pictures of myself so that when I die, the kids know what I looked like :) happy thoughts )

Thank you Grandma Hoo Hoo for supplying the gifts for our Sunday School and AWANA leaders!


Baba HooHoo said...

You're welcome! It was fun. Loved the ballet too.

Anonymous said...

Your're funny. ;) Nice to see a picture of you not pregnant! ha ha YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! ~Heidi H.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and do not look pregnant at all. Got to love a our stubborn boy! Wonder where he gets that from?--Bill