Advent day 8

Friday, December 9, 2011

Today was a day I have been looking forward to! It was decorating Christmas cookies with Auntie Val! This is an especially special activity for me because every year, growing up, my aunt and uncle would take us overnight Sunday to Monday. On Sunday we would do something fun like drive around and look at Christmas lights, and go to dinner. We almost always went to Baskin Robbins and picked up ice cream to bring back to their house. Then, Jenna and I would skip school on Monday and bake Christmas cookies with my aunt. We would each go through her recipe books from the library and pick out a cookie we wanted to make. Then in the morning we would get up and go to the grocery store and get whatever ingredients we needed. Then we would each get to make out batch of cookies. Often times Jenna picked the peanut butter ones with the Hershey kisses and I would pick oatmeal scotchies. My aunt taught us most of what we have learned about baking--we called her the Master Baker and we were her apprentices. We have been so blessed to have an aunt and uncle that have been so involved in our lives and I am so happy to pass on this tradition to my kids. We have been able to do this at least for the last three years.

I am so happy that all three kids love to bake. As soon as they see me take out my mixer, they pull up a chair to help. Brendan and I made the dough this morning, so it would be nice and chilled when Auntie Val showed up. Auntie Val and the kids did the rolling, cutting and decorating. She showed Liam how to roll out the dough, and he really liked doing it--may have a future baker :) Unfortunately it went by way too fast--maybe if I had a Professional 6 quart series Kitchen Aid, I could've made a double batch, thus doubling our fun... hint hint. Anyway, thank you Auntie Val and Uncle Randy for all of the memories that you made for us, and are continuing to make for my children!
Me, "say cheese." Brendan, "no!" Me, "pick up the measuring spoon for the picture." Brendan, "no!"

caught him turning on the mixer when he didn't think I was ready with the camera!  I knew I could outsmart a 2 year old!

Auntie Val and Rori

Auntie Val and Liam

Seriously couldn't get all three people to look at the camera and smile at the same time :) But I love you all!



Anonymous said...

Looks tasty, I want some. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great job done by all. Next time don't break the sink though. The cookie were tasty. I don't expect them to last past today!--Bill

Anonymous said...

I love that your being intentional about carrying on traditions and making memories for your kids. Again, looks like they are having fun. Brendan is so cute when he says no. PS..I think I need to hear more about how cookie making broke the sink. It was probably because you didn't have a 6Q mixer, right? ;)