Advent Calendar Day 4

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today's day made me thankful that we used Post-it's when we filled the calendar. Initially, I had put Watch Frosty the Snowman and have a Pizza picnic. I had thought that I set the DVR to record it on Friday, and then we would watch it Sunday. However, I noticed on Friday that it wasn't set to record. So, I double checked. It's scheduled to be on next Friday! This is par for the course for my organizational skills. I am not going to tell you all how Rori had a "needs improvement" on her report card due to the fact that I decided her reading log was optional because I couldn't ever remember to fill it out. Don't worry, I talked to the teacher and explained it (she said she raised 4 kids so she understood my lack of organization) and I promised to never forget to do it again. Anyway, I digress, and for no good purpose but making myself look bad. So, I did some quick switching around of the Post-it's. Then I discovered that I ended up putting two very similar activities next to each other. Fortunately, I saw on Facebook, that my friend Leslie had her family were watching Frosty! She kindly offered to loan me the DVD, so I rearranged the Post-it's back to their original location, and all was right with the world.

Well, that is until I have discovered that my kids have not yet developed the deep love for pizza that their parents have. They asked if they could have McDonald's instead and we figured it would be cheaper. So, alas, the children are eating McDonald's and Bill and I are having ham sandwiches. Don't be jealous :)


Lesley Engling said...

What fun, Jaime! What I wonder is how the kids are on the floor with the food and the dog is actually leaving them alone. We would never be able to have a picnic on the floor with Daisy around unless we put her in the crate. What fun memories you are making for your kids.

Baba HooHoo said...

Love, love that photo, its like a Norman Rockwell! You go MAMAM!

Anonymous said...

Yea for floor picnics! You are so fun! Love that you guys are having ham sandwiches and that Bill has stopped trying to get you to eat turkey or chicken sandwiches all the time! ;) -Leslie

Anonymous said...

Does it get any better than eating McDonalds in front of the TV? Well there is alway Lou Malnati's pizza. Hey I just had a wonderful idea for dinner tonight--Bill