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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Pioneer Woman has started an entertainment section on her blog and it has brought up discussions among my friends about what movies we like. So, I have decided to share the top 10 movies that I think everyone must see in order for their lives to be complete. These are in no particular order except whatever order I could come up with a clever segue.

10. Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea. I realize that it is technically 2 movies, but I am counting it as one. Note that I did not include the third. It was just ok in my estimation. But the first two. sigh. Gilbert Blythe, the dresses, the bosom friends, and the Gibson Girl hairstyles. How I wanted to wear my hair like a Gibson girl while I was a child. Unfortunately, when I was 17 I had my hair styled for the Senior Prom. I did NOT want a Gibson girl hairstyle that day. That would be the last thing a girl would want to look like at her prom--as if I had stepped out of the 19th centruy. However, I pretty much got one, but we pinned it down, thank God, because that night I kind of had two dates to the prom. That's right, nerdy me, two dates. My best guy friend Garrett and I had made a pact that we would go to prom together, even if we had boyfriend/girlfriends. I was a woman of my word, even though I had a boyfriend. So that night, I did "a woman's most difficult job, juggling wolves." Can you name that movie? It's number 9.

9. Rear Window. Grace Kelly says that to Jimmy Stewart while he is spying on Miss Torso. I love this movie. Grace Kelly is so exquisitely beautiful, it is hard to understand why she is so in love with Jimmy Stewart, except it's Jimmy Stewart, so you can kind of understand why. The story takes place in a tiny apartment and is done brilliantly. One of Hitchcock's best. Which brings me to number 8.

8. Dial M for Murder. This is also a Grace Kelly/Alfred Hitchcock movie. It has been remade as A Perfect Murder, but clearly the original is the best. Grace Kelly plays a woman who has been having an affair and her husband finds out. He needs money so instead of divorcing her, he decides to hire someone to kill her. His plot goes amuck when she kills the man hired to kill her, and is then put in jail for murder. It becomes a race against the clock for her boyfriend to get her off of death row and clear her name. Fine directing by Alfred Hitchcock. Which brings me to number 7. It wasn't directed by Alfred Hitchcock but I always mistake it for a Hitchcock movie.

7. Rebecca. I don't think I saw this movie and truly appreciated it until I was married. Lawrence Olivier makes my heart all aflutter. I can totally understand  (but of course not condone) why Vivien Leigh had an affair with him. He is all man. Strong, handsome, mysterious, and a little scary. The interesting thing about this movie is that you never learn the first name of the female lead. She is only knows as Mrs. deWinter, played by Joan Fontaine, the completely underappreciated sister of  Olivia de Havilland--Melanie Wilkes from number 6. (remember no particular order)

6. Gone With the Wind. Possibly my all time favorite movie. The costumes, Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler, Mamie, Melanie Hamilton, I could go on and on. I can pretty much quote this entire movie, I have seen it so many times. However, as an adult I have watched it through a different lens. As a child I couldn't stand Melanie. I wanted Scarlett to end up with Ashley. Melanie was plain and boring. Now as an adult, I love Melanie, perhaps even more than Scarlett. She was such a sweet spirit that deserved so much better than Ashley Wilkes. And Scarlett needed Rhett Butler to tame her wild heart. Which brings me to...--(lame segue--some aren't as smooth as others, I take what brilliant creativity I can get)

5. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken. Sonora Webster, the blind horse diving girl. This is based on an incredible true story of a girl who rode horses of a giant tower into a pool of water...blind. As many of the movies I enjoyed in my preteens, this had a huge hearthrob for me as well. Al, Sonora's eventual fiance was so goodlooking. I used to rewind parts that I found extra dreamy. But really, the incredible part is that she overcomes her blindness that she develops as an adult, much like...

4. Wait Until Dark. This is a completely under appreciated Audrey Hepburn movie. She stars as a woman who has recently become blind. Again this movie takes place in a tiny apartment. She is terrorized by two mostly bad men and one very bad men, played Alan Arkin and Richard Crenna, who are looking for a heroin stuffed doll they think is in her apartment. The last five minutes of the movie are especially suspenseful. I am pretty sure that I've heard that when this movie was in theatres they turned the lights off completely so that people could get the true feel of her blindness. This is one of the most suspenseful movies I've ever seen--if you've seen it, let me know I'm not alone. A movie I KNOW that I'm not alone in seeing, is

3. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I know that a lot of my friends have seen this gem--I thought I was one of the only ones. It is complete with lovely girls, handsome guys, singing and dancing. Really, what more could you ask for? Somehow it is incredibly romantic that 6 men kidnapped 6 women and kept them from their families by causing an avalance. Trust me, it really is dreamy. Thinking about dreaming, makes me think about imagination...which is

2. Harvey. Harvey is an imaginary 6 foot rabbit that lives in Jimmy Stewarts imagination. As an adult, I learned that Jimmy's character, Elwood P. Dowd is actually quite the lush, which explains why he sees a 6 foot rabbit with him, wherever he goes. However, he's a wonderful brother and friend to all he meets. The supporting cast is divine. The movie is chock full of laughs and even a bit of tears. This is a movie that I grew up with, and introduced Bill to. He didn't want to watch it because he doesn't believe in Black and White movies, but now is a huge fan. If Bill likes it, I know you will too!

1. This movie actually does deserve the number 1 spot. The Princess Bride. I can quote this movie from start to finish and not miss a beat. Bill finds this mostly adorable and just a little annoying. At least that's my interpretation and it's my blog, so I can interpret it any way I want. Anyway, this is truly the best movie ever. There are so many quotable lines. The most profound--"As you wish." sigh. Just three small words, that have such romance behind them.All of the actors are perfect, from Cary Elwes as the incredibly suave Westly, Robin Wright is exquisite as Buttercup, Inigo Montoya breaks your heart as he fights the 6-fingered man, I could go on and on, but I know you've all seen this movie and must appreciate it as much as I do. I have also read the book, countless times and highly recommend it--it's as witty as the movie!

So there you have it! The 10 movies that you must see before you die. Go, now, rent them, buy them, come to my house and borrow them--I love to share movies that I love with friends. Trust me, your life will be richer, colors will be brighter, smells will be sweeter. Ok, not really, but I promise they will each give you at least 2 hours of joy :) Let me know if you've seen any of them!


Jenna said...

Oh dear sister of mine while I agree with many of your choices, you have forgotten: Arsenic & Old Lace- cmon Cary Grant & his murdering aunts- classic! But I will agree with you on the scariness of the Audrey Hepburn movie.

Anonymous said...

Ah # 10, love the clothes, the bosom friends, when Matthew dies I always cry.
#9 Rear Window, love to watch that movie, did you find Alfred Hitchcock in it, he always makes a cameo appearance. Love Grace Kelly, so beautiful and elegant, reminds me of you.
#8 Finally saw the whole thing, it is good and better than the remake. Again, Grace Kelly, lovely.
#7Rebecca, the book is better, but I enjoy the movie, can't remember being impressed with Lawrence, but hey I'll pay more attention next time
#6 Gone with the Wind, so beautifully filmed every scene is beautifully composed and the most romantic scene ever when Rhett carries her up the stairs. I always imagine at the end that she finds a way to get him back.
#5 Wild Hearts can't be Broken.Love the scene when she and the horse dive into the water, also makes me cry.
#4 Wait until of THE most scary movies ever. My sister and I saw it and we were hiding under the seats and screaming. Another really scary movie is See no Evil with Mia Farrow...she is blind and I must say it scared the pants off of me. She is staying in the country and when she returns to the house the whole family has wait just rent it.
#3 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. LOVE and I don't like musicals necessarily...the scene when the guys dance with the saws, lovely
#2 Harvey, so pleased to see is a magical film...hop hop hop hop hippity hop!
#1 Princess Bride Great movie...My name is Inigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die! Makes me tear up too.
Great choices Dolly...BUT what about
TITANIC...I've seen that movie 10-15 times and that darn ship sinks every time. I think Kate is so beautiful...the water is freezing and there aren't enough boats!

Anonymous said...

Your choices were most excellent, especially Harvey and Wait Until Dark. Great movies. Of course one was left out..Christmas Carol--the one with George C Scott. Of course I'm partial since I also think that is the best book ever written.
Mom and I did some checking 'cause we thought Hitchcock directed Rebecca and he did so you do have the proper seque

Anna said...

I've always thought it fun and so full of personality all these movies that you love and quote.:) I, on the other hand, am much less cultured than you.

Anonymous said...

You are missing 8 movies. I will give you Harvey and Princess Bride (minus the kissing parts) but you forgot The Natural (best baseball movie ever),Raiders of the Lost Ark (I always wanted that hat) A Few Good Men, (I want the truth), Red Dawn (wolvines!) Batman from 1989 (1st movie I waited in line for) Clash for the Titan 1981 ( watch that thousands of times growing up) Goonies ( You are not american if you have not seen this movie) The Godfather 1 and 2 ( they made a 3rd one you say?) Finally the greatest movies of all time Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back!--Bill