I am that immature

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yes, I know all you people who read my blog think I am perfect, always keep my cool, know how to handle anything life throws at me. Basically I am June Cleaver. Well, I am about to burst that bubble. You will now understand why I thank God for a wonderful, patient husband, who finds my immature antics somewhat adorable and cute.

For the past several Sunday's, after church, Rori has had practice for the Christmas musical. So after church we eat lunch together in one of the Sunday School classrooms and then Bill, the boys, and I head home. We have decided that picking up Little Ceasars Pizza is the easiest option for us. It's $5 for a pizza and then I don't have to worry about packing lunches the night before for all of us. This Sunday, I was in charge of picking up the pizza. Actually I was picking up three pizzas because there were two families that were going to have some. I also was bringing Brendan with me. So, I called Bill and asked him to meet me by the door, because they are locked, so that he could open it and let me in. When I pulled up and had unbuckled Brendan and was carrying the pizzas in one arm and Brendan in the other, I realized he was probably going to be meeting me at the door on the other side of the church. That door made much more sense than the one I had picked. He tried calling me, but I couldn't get to the phone as I had no free hands. I was annoyed that I had told him the door that didn't make sense and I was annoyed that he didn't pay attention to the fact that I said the door that didn't make sense. So I put Brendan down and the pizzas down and dialed his number. He didn't answer. I dialed it angrilier (is that a word?) this time. He still didn't answer. People were looking at me sitting on the sidewalk with a baby and three pizzas. I called it again. No answer. I was starting to sweat. I hadn't had breakfast. I was debating just eating pizza with Brendan on the sidewalk and just waiting for someone to come find us and let us in.

Bill ended up calling me--his phone hadn't rung for some reason--and I told him I was at the other door. He must have run to the door I was at, because he was there within about 5 seconds. I huffed in angrily because he hadn't listened to me and been at the right (but wrong) door. I am completely aware that I am directionally challenged, but I don't like to be anything less than perfect. So, in my immature retaliation, I took his unopened can of Coke and shook it :) Yep, I'm that immature. Bill just laughed and told me he loved me. Thank God my husband is a wonderful representative of Christ's love for His church. For whatever reason, Bill loves me unconditionally and forgives me seventy-times seven for my immature behaviors. And I am even more thankful that Christ forgives my immature behaviors. It's mindblowing for me to think that He loves me even more than Bill does. 

Jim Sinegal

This weekend Rori and I went with my mom to see the Wizard of Oz that was playing at a Mariott theater. It was a present for my mom's birthday. As an extra treat, my dad, who does some traveling for business, used his hotel points to book us a room so we could spend the night before the play. We did this last year as well. This year, when my mom checked in, she gave my dad's name Jim Sin*ell--she even spelled the name (I have deleted part of the name so that no crazy stalkers will find him--because I have lots of crazy stalkers reading my blog, you know). Anyway, they told my mom she had a room with a king size bed and she explained that we needed two doubles. They made the changes and she discovered we were in the Concierge Wing, which is the VIP area. When we got to our room, the front desk called and I answered. She said, "Mrs. Sinegal?" I said, "Mrs. Sin*ell," but it didn't faze me because I'm used to people butchering my maiden name. And she proceeded to ask if my mom left a book at the front desk, I said no and we hung up. That was the first clue of mistaken identity. Rori wanted to explore the hotel so as we were leaving the room, a bellhop was bringing a tray of assorted chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling water. Mom jokingly asked if it was for us. He said if we are in room 3211. We were! He said, "they are for Jim Sinegal." Mom said, "I'm Victoria Sin*ell." So he delivered them to us and said they were from the hotel manager. We were in awe. Rori was in awe and thought they were beautiful. We didn't eat them, but put them in the fridge for after dinner. We looked at the card. It said Jim Sinegal. Clue number 2. Mom said, I think there's a mixup somewhere. I said, people butcher our name all the time. So we went and toured the hotel. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought mom was right. So mom called the front desk. They asked if she was with Jim Sinegal from Costco. Mom explained that she was not with Jim Sinegal but Jim Sin*ell. The front desk manager told us they had us booked at a different hotel and were sending a bellhop up to get our luggage. And yes, we had to give the strawberries back. We were hugely embarassed. We did the walk of shame out of our VIP room and gave our luggage to the very kind bellhop. Mom went to the front desk and while explaining it all to the manager, started to cry. I told him it was her birthday. He kindly booked us another room, back in the VIP area. We went to dinner and when we came back, the front desk manager had sent us a fruit tray with two bottles of water for mom's birthday. It was way better than the strawberries--I had already decided they were old and dry. At least that's what we told ourselves :) I googled Jim Sinegal, and he is the CEO of Costco. I hope he enjoyed his strawberries...

Happy Birthday Baba Hoo Hoo

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to my very special mommy who gets up well before the sun every Wednesday morning to get to my house by 6:15 am with sausage and cinnamon  melts for my kids! You have managed to tame the wild blonde boy, you travel to far away imaginary lands with Rori Rose, and you survive the three ring circus when Brendan is awake :) We appreciate and love you very much!! Thanks for being the best mom I could ever wish for!
Teaching Rori and Liam about the new baby they were going to get

 Meeting Brendan Rhys

 Showing that you are a Kool Aid Grandma :)

Kindred Spirits