My sweet niece

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Most of the people who read my blog also read my sister's blog, so you probably all are aware of what is going on with my sweet niece, Juliana. She will be checking into Children's Memorial hospital tomorrow in the hopes of getting a diagnosis for her problems. She doesn't eat, and often when they can get her to eat, she projectile vomits it all back up. She is very small for her age and Jenna takes her to several different types of therapies to try to help her. Finally, they have found a doctor who is serious about getting a diagnosis. He has arranged for them to check into the hospitals and is getting as many specialists together to try and find out why this little girl won't eat. Understandably, my sister is very nervous--I'm sure she's nervous that they won't find anything, and nervous that they will. So, I am asking for prayer. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, peace and strength for Jenna and Ryan, and healing for Juliana.


Anna said...

I'm praying and will continue....for all of you!

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you Jenna, Ryan, Juliana! If you need anything call us.--Bill

Karen Joy said...

I'm sorry I didn't even realize this was happening today! I am praying right now for sweet Juliana, Jenna and Ryan. I pray that the doctors find out what's wrong and they will know what to do to fix it. God, give them wisdom and guide their hands as they take care of precious Juliana. Truly, she is in Your hands, Lord! Protect her, and give Jenna and Ryan Your amazing peace. Big hugs to you, Jaime, and pass some on to Jenna, Ryan and Juliana too!