Thursday, October 21, 2010

I had been feeling like checking myself into the looney bin a few weeks ago. I had been trying to potty train Liam off and on, Rori's school had been wearing me out--along with her new attitude that came with the beginning of school, and Brendan decided one nap was enough for him. All those things made me feel like I was going to go crazy. I told Bill that if I disappeared, not to worry unless it was longer than 48 hours, because I would just be checked into a hotel relaxing. He told me he was coming with me. So...we decided to plan a trip. I hadn't been back to Calvin College since I graduated and I knew that they had made a lot of changes that I have been wanting to see. Plus, Grand Rapids is gorgeous in the fall! So we got a great deal on a hotel room, arranged for Grandma and Grandpa Casey to watch the kids, and we were ready!

We left on Friday, and all day I told Bill I didn't want to go. I wanted to bring the kids with us. I couldn't imagine going two nights without them! He told me, "too bad." So off we went. I was really excited when we got there because I was going to get to see my old roommate, Lisa and her husband Brandon! It was great seeing them, because we don't get to talk very often--once a year maybe? (hint..Lisa if you would go on facebook, I would greatly appreciate it. please. please. please.). Neither one looked a day older than they did 10 years ago! They have two adorable kids and one on the way. (hint...Lisa, if you go on facebook, I won't have to wait until your Christmas card to find out what you are having...). Anyway, we had a lovely evening and kept them out too late. Hopefully it won't be as many years before we see them again!

On Saturday we spent the day touring Calvin. I was a little bitter at all the great additions that have been made since I went there. But...tuition is about twice what I paid, so I got over it...sort of. The sports complex that they built left me speechless. There are indoor tennis courts, and indoor track, a rock climbing wall, a huge array of cardio equipment each with their own tv., and more. It was incredible. Seriously amazing.

 The other thing that made me a little bitter (not really, but maybe a tad) was the overpass they built across The Beltline. The Beltline is a four lane highway that run between Calvin College and the campus apartments. We used to have to cross that highway in order to get to class and back to our apartments. It was like playing chicken with oncoming traffic. Now there is a covered walkway that goes across to keep students safe and warm during the freezing Michigan winters.

How cool is that? Below is the traffic we used to dodge. It was like playing Frogger. (ok, not really that bad)

When I started at Calvin, I was a Physics major. I only majored in it because I received a Physics scholarship. I knew it probably would not be the degree I graduated with, but I didn't know what I wanted to major in and since they were paying me to take a Physics class, I figured, what the heck. Well, I absolutely HATED my first and only college Physics class. It was all theoretical, which I hate. So I vowed never to step foot in the Science Building again. Unfortunately, I broke that vow. While we were visiting, we discovered that the Psychology department (what I ended up majoring in) had moved to the Science Building, thus forcing me to enter the dreaded place. I have to admit the new Science Building is pretty incredible, and maybe I could get past the horrible memories I had there...or maybe not.

All in all, we had a lovely time and I am so glad we went! However, on Sunday morning I was sooooo ready to get home to Rori, Liam, and Brendan!


Baba HooHoo said...

Nice photos! So glad Brendan hasn't turned 2 and I had to wait for a new blog til then. Thanks for sharing the mini vacation and cudos to The Caseys who watched your children!

Jenna said...

Looks like a fun time to me!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time with you my lovely wife. Can't wait until your ready for us to get away again.--Bill

Anna said...

I know, really.....those kids (@ Calvin) don't know how good they have it w/ the new covered crossing 'cuz back in the old days......:0) I don't even recognize Cedarville anymore. Glad you had such a nice time on your getaway.

april said...

ha ha ha my favorite part is my favorite shirt in so many pictures :)