First Day of Kindergarten

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am a few days behind, but so what else is new? Rori's first day of Kindergarten came upon me faster than I had ever imagined. I remember sitting on the couch with Bill, after having Rori and talking about her someday going to school, and thinking it was a long way off. Then I blinked my eyes and suddenly she was five and about to embark on her journey to Kindergarten.

Bill took the day off so we could all go together. Rori picked out her dress and her fanciest shoes (Stuart Weitzman's from Aunt Nicki--I don't even have a pair!) for her first day. We live too close for bus service so Monday morning, we packed up all three kids and trekked over to the school. Rori stood in line to go into school and we all stood with her. I was waiting for her to tear up or her lips to tremble, but she never did. She stayed brave and walked into school with her classmates, and never turned around. I wore sunglasses to hide my watery eyes, Bill and Brendan waved bye-bye and Liam sat in the stroller crying that nobody loves him and he wanted new shoes. It was a real Norman Rockwell moment.

I picked up Rori from school and Bill and I took her to lunch to celebrate her first day. Her best friend, Rachel called to see how her first day went and we got to hear details that we had been trying to get out of her. I think I need Rachel to call every day so I can hear how her day went!
 We went to Rain Forest Cafe--her choice and she had pizza and coke. She showed us around the restaurant and was so excited to show us all the cool animals. Grandma Casey had taken her several times, but Bill and I had never gone, so she was so proud to show us around. Then she told us all about the mall (the restaurant is in a mall) and showed us the moving stairs and the elevator with glass walls. I'm a little frightened that she knows more about the mall than I do--as a matter of fact, she's been there more times in the last 3 years than I have!

Anyway, I am so proud of my big girl for being so brave!


Anna said...

Rori looks so pretty. Glad everyone survived the 1st day of Kindergarten.:0) Sounds like a fun day...Rainforest Cafe and all. Caleb won't go with us anymore b/c of the thunder...glad your kids are braver.:0) Hope Liam has new shoes by now. Pretty soon you'll be posting about how you dropped Rori & Rachel off at the mall and how it all went by so fast.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Rori for being so brave. I can't believe that she is already going to school. I am also very very proud of Mama. She hide her emotions well and left under her own volition. The police were there but I am sure for other reasons than moms who don't want to leave their children. We had a very nice lunch too.--Bill

Baba HooHoo said...

My baby is 32 with 3 babies...seems like just yesterday I cried all the way home from the bus stop.

Jenna said...

Good girl, Rori Rose. I can't believe she started Kindergarten already! I remember when she was born!

Jenna said...
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april said...

I love that there is a picture of her talking to adorable BFF love!!!