Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have been incredibly blessed throughout my life. Most things have come fairly easily to me. I did well in high school and college. I got, what felt to me to be, an exciting job upon graduating, and my Prince asked me to marry him. That's not to say that my life has been daisies and roses. Bill and I have had our share of trials. We've lost a daughter, a job, a dog, and a beloved set of grandparents. Even amongst those trials, being married to him hasn't felt like hard work, but I'm not entirely sure he would say that about being married to me--please don't ask him--I don't want to know. While I've been blessed, trust me, I am no superwoman--I'm disorganized, not a great housekeeper, and lacking in street smarts, for starters. Those flaws aside, I have felt equipped for most things that life has thrown at me. A sinful side effect of these blessings and gifts is arrogance--that is, until God gets me with a zinger that brings me humbly, on my knees, to His throne, begging for wisdom. This happened very recently.

The other night, when Rori was going to bed, she said her prayers and then she said to me, "God is doing the best He can to get Grandpa Casey a job." In that instant I felt completely inadequate. I knew the adult response to that, but I had no idea how to explain to her, that God is choosing to wait right now. I didn't want her to think that God couldn't do it if He wanted to, but I didn't want her to think God was mean and holding back a job when He could give him one. I explained it to her the best I could but that was the moment when I knew how huge this job, teaching our children about God, is. I realized that if I want my children to truly know who Jesus is, I was not going to be able to coast through parenting. In one moment I realized what an awesome responsibility God has placed on me. I understand that ultimately, their salvation is not up to me. However, God has called me to take each teachable moment, that He gives me, to teach them who He is. I need to be ready to recognize those moments, and I need to have the tools to teach them. What that means is that I need to get to WORK. I need to research resources to help me to answer their questions in a way that will make sense to them. I need to model godly behavior, and I need to PRAY. Pray for teachable moments and pray for wisdom to teach them.

I am going to trust that if I put in the work, and don't coast through parenting on auto-pilot, my children will choose to follow the Lord. Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and he will not turn from it."

Happy early birthday Bill!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There's a good chance that my dear hubby won't get a heartfelt birthday post this year (someone else's first birthday is at the same time), and he is hitting a milestone birthday, so I wanted to take some time before his brithday to tell him how much I appreciate him. I also figure that if I post early, I can pretend he's 35 already and heckle him a bit earlier than planned ;)

I am one of the most blessed people on the planet, and I don't tell Bill enough. That's partly because he knows that I know that I'm blessed, but also because I don't want him to get a big head :) Recently he's done some extra sweet things. He plays basketball every Thursday. Last Thursday was the opening day for football, or something like that, and the guys decided to watch the game instead of playing basketball. Bill chose to skip going and stay home with me. I didn't ask him to; he just decided to do it because he said he missed me. It really meant a lot to me.

Sunday, he took us to Disney Princesses on Ice. I know that most other husbands would have said no way--it was the opening game for the Bears and most men would have stayed home to watch that. He didn't even grumble about it. (ok he pointed it out to me, but only because I take him for granted). I know that I just expect him to be willing to do things like that for his family, but I appreciate it very much.

Wednesday night, Liam and Rori were both up throwing-up into the morning. Bill called into work without me even asking him to. He happily did whatever was needed. On Friday night, when Brendan threw up, he rocked him while I took care of Rori and Liam. He volunteered to stay home with Brendan while I took Rori and Liam up by my parents to the farm the kids love to visit in the fall. I really and truly know that a lot of husbands would not have been so helpful. They wouldn't offer to stop at the store for banana's on the way home, they wouldn't rock their babies in the middle of the night, they wouldn't change nasty diapers, and they wouldn't put up with me. So, Bill, I really appreciate all you do for us, and I love you forever!!

Rori and Rachel and Princesses on Ice!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We had a lovely, but busy weekend. It started with Rori's bestie's birthday party. They got to paint ceramics, and Rori had a great time! Then on Sunday, we got to go to Disney Princesses on Ice!! Bill and I had been contemplating taking Rori to see it, but it was pretty pricey. Then, about two weeks ago, Bill got a coupon code for seats in the fourth row for $12!! We couldn't pass it up. I immediately ordered 4 tickets, because we figured at that price, Liam should come too. After I ordered them, I thought, I should have gotten a ticket for Rachel as a birthday present. I talked to her Auntie, who works with me, and she offered to get her a ticket if I could still get one. Bill and I figured we would just get one more ticket and if it wasn't with the group, he would sit in it. I called Ticketmaster and they were incredibly helpful and got us the fifth seat in our group. I do have to give the dear hubby a shout out. I would have driven us by myself, but it was in the city and I would have no idea where I was going and everything is under construction, so Bill had to take us. Today was the opening day for the Chicago Bears, and he only grumbled a teensy weensy bit about missing it. I told him he only got a little bit of credit for it because he has set the bar incredibly high as far as husbandly and fatherly duties, that now, this kind of sacrifice is expected :) But really, thank you for taking us, my dear.

The girls were ecstatic! Rachel's dad dropped her off in the morning and she had on the dress that she and Rori both own, which of course, Rori thought of wearing already too! However, Rachel had on a green cardigan and told Rori to wear a green one too. Rori said she didn't have one, so Rachel happily wore one of Rori's white ones so they could match. Very sweet. The girls chattered the whole car ride down. It's amazing how their conversations are actual conversations now. We had The Princess and The Frog playing in the car and I heardt this conversation:
Rachel: "Her parents passed away."
Rori: "away to where?"
Rachel: "I don't know, that's what my mom told me."
Later, during the dancing scene, Rori said, "At my Auntie Marylou's wedding, I danced the night away." It was all very grown up :)

When we got to the theatre, the kids weren't very hungry--they were too excited. We got them popcorn and they sat back and anxiously awaited the show. I have heard mostly negative things about the cheese factor of Disney on Ice, but I thought the show was wonderful. They re-enacted scenes from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and the Little Mermaid. The second half of the show they dedicated to my favorite, Cinderella. The girls were enamored. And there was enough of the Genie and other boy characters to keep Liam's attention. Bill just sat there and imagined those were his seats at a Blackhawks game, instead of Disney Princesses.

It was one of the best days! The girls were a tad disappointed that Princess Tiana wasn't in the show, but I found out that she is in the next Disney on Ice production, so maybe next year...

Eleven months

Friday, September 10, 2010

I am not even going to say that I am going to be better about blogging. Nobody will believe me anyway :) I've been exhausted since Rori started school and Bill and I are out of our regular routines. I haven't even worked out in a week! Which for me is crazy. That's always my "me" time, but frankly the second month of Insanity has kicked my behind, and I have to say, I think Shaun T has defeated me. But I am promising myself, I am not going to let that be permanent. I will start afresh next week. Putting it in writing should make me do it...

Anyway, my baby boy is going to be a year old in less than a month!! I do not know where the time went, and I am refusing to believe it. I haven't posted pictures of him in a while, and yesterday the weather was so beautiful that the kids got to play outside for hours (which is wonderful at bedtime--they are wiped!). So I decided to snap a couple of pictures. Have you ever seen such a handsome baldy?

First Day of Kindergarten

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am a few days behind, but so what else is new? Rori's first day of Kindergarten came upon me faster than I had ever imagined. I remember sitting on the couch with Bill, after having Rori and talking about her someday going to school, and thinking it was a long way off. Then I blinked my eyes and suddenly she was five and about to embark on her journey to Kindergarten.

Bill took the day off so we could all go together. Rori picked out her dress and her fanciest shoes (Stuart Weitzman's from Aunt Nicki--I don't even have a pair!) for her first day. We live too close for bus service so Monday morning, we packed up all three kids and trekked over to the school. Rori stood in line to go into school and we all stood with her. I was waiting for her to tear up or her lips to tremble, but she never did. She stayed brave and walked into school with her classmates, and never turned around. I wore sunglasses to hide my watery eyes, Bill and Brendan waved bye-bye and Liam sat in the stroller crying that nobody loves him and he wanted new shoes. It was a real Norman Rockwell moment.

I picked up Rori from school and Bill and I took her to lunch to celebrate her first day. Her best friend, Rachel called to see how her first day went and we got to hear details that we had been trying to get out of her. I think I need Rachel to call every day so I can hear how her day went!
 We went to Rain Forest Cafe--her choice and she had pizza and coke. She showed us around the restaurant and was so excited to show us all the cool animals. Grandma Casey had taken her several times, but Bill and I had never gone, so she was so proud to show us around. Then she told us all about the mall (the restaurant is in a mall) and showed us the moving stairs and the elevator with glass walls. I'm a little frightened that she knows more about the mall than I do--as a matter of fact, she's been there more times in the last 3 years than I have!

Anyway, I am so proud of my big girl for being so brave!