Happy Belated Birthday Liam James!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Liam's third birthday was while we were in Florida, so we celebrated as a family this last weekend. I'm so glad we took the time to do a special day for him because he thanked us for his presents several times throughout the day, and still prays and thanks Jesus for his birthday presents :)

My dear Liam,
You have taught me so much over the last year. I have learned all about the super heroes. I can name ones that I didn't even know existed just a year ago. I can explain varying stories from the X-Men (thanks to your papa) that I didn't know. You wear your Darth Vader cape every day and pretend you're Batman. But when you're Spiderman you take the cape off and have to change into your Spiderman shoes. You have charmed your Sunday School teachers with a dimpled grin.

You like to play rough, but when you play with your baby brother, a sweetness comes in your voice and you are very gentle with him. Even when he tries to take your toys, you gently say, "no no." You pretty much ignored me for the first 6 months of Brendan's life, but one day, all of a sudden you came back to me--much to Papa's dismay!

You don't give your love freely. It must be earned, which makes it that much sweeter when you do give it. You are the best darn snuggler, and when you say, "I Yuve you mama." I melt into a pile of goo and would go to the moon for you.

I love you so much, my first born son!


Baba HooHoo said...

I yuve him so much too!

Baba HooHoo said...

Love the cake and the video and him saying yuve you so much mama!

Anna said...

How sweet! He's free (three)! Such a cutie! Love the cake, too-good job Jaime....could be a side business of and your bakery. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating those cute kiddos of yours and America!

Anonymous said...

Nice cake, Jaimers! I'm gonna hire you next time to do my kids' cakes. "Man up, Baby Liam! And Happy Birthday!" Love, Baby Inchie Jenna and Knuckle Ryan and Noah and Juliana

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday day my biggest boy. I love you so much! I love that you enjoy your b-day so much. Wonder where you get that from?--Papa