Easter Part II

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Easter weekend was truly an Easter weekend. It started on Good Friday. We went to my friend Anna's house. She is the most creative and best organized person I know! She didn't even pay me to say that. She also has three of the best behaved children I know. Case in point, her daughter McKenna was telling her something that her son Caleb did. Anna told her to tell Caleb to come up so she could talk to him. Caleb obediently came. Rori came to tell me something that Liam did. I told her to tell Liam to come to me. He said, "No, Never!" That's my boy! Anyway, Anna did an Easter egg hunt for the kids and she, smartly--why didn't I think of that--assigned each child a color of egg to find. She had filled each egg with goodies. The kids had a great time and talked about the Easter egg hunt the rest of the afternoon.

Liam and Caleb--not a great picture, but we were getting ready to leave and I did my best :)
Rori and McKenna--they get along great and Rori loves McKenna's long beautiful hair!

I already wrote about Easter Saturday. So on to Easter Sunday. The kids got all dressed up for church--as did I. I actually wore a bright green skirt and heels. I think I looked like an Easter egg, but there are no pictures to prove it. It's best that way. I also only got a couple of pictures of the kids because it was beautiful outside so I wanted outside pictures. Unfortunately it was also windy and my skirt had a tendency to blow up. Not a sight for the neighbors. Also, my heels were getting stuck in the lawn while I was trying to walk. I was cheaply aerating the lawn :)

                         Here's Rori practicing for Riverd.ance!

We have a rule that all males in the family must wear sweatervests. It's Bill's rule, but I think Liam rocked it :)
Brendan did not get dressed up for Easter, so no pictures of him either... It was the first Easter, that I remember, in a long time that we had such beautiful weather!


Baba HooHoo said...

Great photos, except Brendan needs a photo and Mama and the river dance ones and yes Liam rocks the vest!

Anna said...'re sweet. McKenna's hair looks like she's been doing cartwheels or something...wild hair. Rori looks so beautiful in her Easter dress and Liam so handsome in his sweater vest. It was a beautiful Easter. next time (for us less fashioney people) could you please take a pic of you in your heels and green skirt. Could you come aerate our lawn too?;O) You need some of those clear rubber heel covers....

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the kids! You very very beautiful in you easter threads. Next time will take pics and post them for you.--Bill

Jenna said...

at least Liam lets you pick out his clothes still. Noah insisted on wearing a Thomas shirt and sweatpants to church.