For Lisa

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My college roommate commented on my last post and it made my day. Well, all comments make my day! I LOVE comments!  Lisa and I don't get to talk very often but I think we have some great memories from college. We talked on the phone last fall for the first time in forever, but it was like no time had passed.  Anyway, I was going to post about "my chair" when we got a new one, but I hope she would appreciate seeing it now :) That and I have no idea when I will be able to part with it. I think Bill wishes he would have thrown it out while I was on bedrest with Rori. That's when he disposed of my other college treasure--my 1990's macintosh computer, which we saw in a museum while we were in Washington DC. I'm still bitter about that one. 
When I was a freshman, I didn't have any furniture so my grandma gave me her lazyboy recliner. I love it because it rocks, reclines, and its the perfect size. It was a joke with my roommates that if I was home, my rear end was on that chair. I am not sure if anyone else ever got to sit on it while I was around. Like I said previously, it has my perfect rear end print. Sadly, it's on it's last legs. It is a complete eyesore. There are marker stains, a new rip in the seat, the arms are so worn there is no padding left--just wood under the fabric. Yet, it's been with me through college, being a newlywed, and rocked all of my babies. I have such wonderful memories of this chair
It has definitely seen better days. So, yes, Lisa, the chair is still alive, but I fear there will be a day in the near future, when I come home and find her on the curb, and all I will be left with are the memories...


Anonymous said...

I have a Mac at work and the software if you want it.

Anna said...

Ha-that is a funny computer! So cool to see things like that....BUT good for Bill. On the other hand...completely understand keeping the chair that you rocked your babies in. For about $300 you could have her brought back to her glory days.:0)

Baba HooHoo said...

I'm about to carry it to the curb myself...if my wild, blonde boy wacks his head one more time!

Anonymous said...

The chair has seen better days, but I love it. Anna good to know about fixin her up for $300 since that about what a new chair cost. Can I get it refurb with Jaime's perfect butt print in it?--Bill