How Big Are Those Suckers?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Every year, growing up, my grandma from Florida used to send us oranges. These are not your typical grocery store oranges. They're about twice the size and four times as juicy. They even ship them with a bib because they are so messy. My dad has kept the tradition alive with my sister and me. He orders us fresh Florida oranges that arrive every January. Check out these suckers!
Muy impressive, don't you think?
Thanks, Dad!
(please don't be offended by the picture, I couldn't resist)


Anonymous said...

awww, bill looks great with boobs! Love, Jenna

Anna said...

Hahaha! Time has been a good friend to him! There are a dozen things running through my mind, but I won't say them outloud. You made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Son in law # 2 has moobs!! Is that a tassel?

Baba HooHoo said...

Is he going to get a night job?

Anonymous said...

I can make the tassels spin in opposite directions!!!!--Bill