Rori De Laurentiis

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back during Halloween, Gia*da De Laurentiis did a show making candy. Rori asked me to record it and has watched it at least 15 times. Giada made Turtles, Truffle Pops and Homemade Marshmallows. Rori had been begging to make them so finally I caved. We skipped the turtles because 3 things was too overwhelming. We started with the Marshmallows. Rori let me know that it didn't take Giada nearly as long to cook the sugar mixture as it did us. I tried to explain the movie magic to her, but I don't think she understood. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the marshmallows, so I'm stealing the one my mom had of them in her hot chocolate. Aren't they lovely? Liam and Rori did the sprinkles.

They were fairly tasty in hot chocolate, but I don't love them plain. Coated in chocolate however....mmmmm

Next we made the Truffle Pops. Those were truffles on a lollipop stick. We made the ganache and Giada said to put cinnamon in it. I wasn't going to, but since Rori had seen it so many times, she didn't forget. She said, "Mama, we're supposed to put cinnamon in because it warms it up and gives it a little kick!" So we did. And she was right :) Then we put the sticks in and dipped them in the chocolate. Then I took a bite...they were heavenly...and I had to get them out of the house lest I eat them all and undo the work I've been doing with Jillian! Do you think Rori liked them? I am loving doing this with her. I am so glad she is enjoying cooking and baking--although it's going to be trouble for my saddlebags!

In a nutshell

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We have been very busy the past week or so. Rori and Liam were invited to a birthday party at a bouncy house place. Both kids had a great time, but unfortunately I didn't get great pictures, because I was holding Brendan the whole time, and of course we remember what happened to my poor camera. If you aren't caught up, it was about 2 posts ago :) This is Rori with her special friend from church, Rachel. They held hands and were inseperable the whole time.

Rachel is Rori's surrogate sister. I'm so thankful that God brought her into Rori's life!

Another new development in our home has been a push to healthier eating. My dear husband has NEVER in his life eaten salad. He has eaten 4 bowls of spinach in the last two weeks. That may not sound impressive, but if you know Bill, you are thoroughly impressed. He told me he was going to eat salad everyday and came home with spinach! I would have thought he would pick a milder green, but he wasn't going to mess around! I'm so proud of him. Now, if I could just get him to add salad dressing to it, he might actually find it enjoyable...

I have been working out and bought a new Jilli*an Michaels DVD. This one is even more difficult than the 30 day Shr*ed! Rori watched me do it for a while and asked why my hair was so messy...I was essentially dead you can see.

Six Years Ago

Friday, January 15, 2010

Six years ago, yesterday, we walked through hospital doors, and our lives were forever changed. We found out that I was going to be delivering our baby girl. And six years ago today, we met her. We are now 2,190 days closer to the day that we will be reunited with our precious baby girl. Having Rori, Liam and Brendan, doesn't replace the loss we have felt. While the gratefulness for having them, cannot be expressed in words, we will always feel incomplete, until we get to Heaven. There we will be a family of six, not five.
My heart aches for the "what could have been's." My heart broke the other day when, Rori told me that she wished her cousin Juliana, was older so that she could play princesses. She will never know what it's like to have her older sister, to play princesses with her, someone to confide in, someone to get advice from, a bond that can only be from a sister... That's the part that hurts the most. The what could have been. My two girls and my two boys. The balm that soothes the ache is knowing where she is, who she's with, knowing that our family will one day be restored.
Six years later, 2190 days later, my heart still aches and grieves. But, because a Man gave His life, I know that my grief will know an end. He will turn my mourning into dancing. I will not carry my sorrow Home with me. And when I ask my Lord, "where is she?" I will know great joy. I am honored that Faith is already sitting with the Giver of Life--One who would sacrifice Himself so that we could be reunited through Him. She waits for us in a place where our hearts already are.
Baby girl, we still miss you, I think of you daily. Your sister and brothers will know of you. Rori was looking at the blog pictures the other day and asked whose footprints were on there. I told her that she has a big sister waiting for us in Heaven. She talked about you for two days straight. "I can't wait to get to Heaven to see Faith." "Faith and I are going to play barbies in Heaven." And she made great plans for all the things she wants to do with you, when we meet you again. You are never forgotten, you are always treasured, and always loved. I am honored that God chose us to be your family, chose me to carry you.

RIP Nikon D60

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm feeling guilty that it's been a few days since my last post. I have two posts that I've been wanting to get up, but they require pictures...Unfortunately my dear husband (I wasn't calling him dear husband on Saturday when this happened) was moving the computer cabinet which held my "precious" (have you seen Lord of the R*ings?). My "precious" is my Nikon D60. We bought it last year sometime after we received some extra money back from our mortgage company with some legalize explanation about too much money in our escrow. I didn't really understand it, but what I did understand was the fatty boom batty check that accompanied it. It was almost exactly what we needed to buy a new nice camera. If you remember, we were going to get it with our tax return, but then my dear kitty went and cut his rear end and needed minor surgery. Anyway, long story short, whilst moving the computer cabinet, it fell apart and my precious fell on the floor.

Dear hubby felt the need to call me at the gym and tell me about this. Not the smartest thing to do because then the whole ride home, I had time to stew about it. I got home, words were said, hours later apologies were made (on both sides), and the damages were assessed. Fortunately it appears that only the lens is broken. If I hold the lens on, it does still take pictures. Maybe duct tape would work? It seems to fix everything else--I know it works on vacuums :) Anyway, so I am in the market for a new lens, hence the lack of the two posts I want to do. And those of you that know Bill, know he's really sorry about it because he told me that I don't have to get him a birthday present this year and he would just ask everyone else for money as his present to replace the lens. That's how you know he's truly sorry (although of course I wouldn't take him up on it--it would be too much punishment for him...but then maybe he knew I wouldn't take him up on it so it was an empty offer...hmmm...could go in circles with that one).

Let's have a moment of silence for my lens, and while we're at it, let's have a moment of silence for McD's getting rid of their $1 large drinks. It was a sad day when I went for my large diet coke and it cost $1.65...

Happy 3 Months!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 months ago today, we met our newest gift! Isn't he handsome?!

I have a new favorite food site, courtesy of my friend Anna. She has this site on her blogroll and I've tried a few recipes and they have all been a hit! I made these peppermint brownies for New Year's Eve and they were really gorgeous! I have to say I used a box mix for the brownies and it wasn't a good one. Next time I'll use better brownies, but the frosting and ganache were oh so yummy!

I have tried their apple dumplings and their peppermint popcorn too! I think that explains why my New Year's resolution is to shrink my waistline and eliminate my rear end jiggle. This is one of the ways I plan on doing it. If you haven't tried this,
it is an awesome workout! Bill tried it for the first time yesterday and I suggested he try level 2. Well of course, the cave man in him had to show his wife that he could do level 3. Guess who could barely lift the phone to his ear afterwards?Anyway, it's one of the best home exercise DVD's I've ever tried!