Third child syndrome

Monday, November 9, 2009

Poor Brendan. I fear that he is going to suffer from third child syndrome. Each child gets a little less attention than the previous one. We have less pictures of Liam than we do of Rori and I'm sure there will be even less of Brendan--at least of him by himself. Today he had his one month doctor's appointment and I noticed something. Bill wasn't coming with. We hadn't even talked about the possibility of Bill coming with. However, With Rori and Liam, Bill came to just about every well baby appointment for the first year! What's sad is that this is probably only the beginning of the third child syndrome. I can only imagine that it gets worse with every baby. I'm pretty sure that the only documentation that the Dugg*ars will have of their 19th child are his or her birth certificate and whatever footage gets taped for their television show! So I am vowing to make an effort to catch more of this special boy on camera.


Baba HooHoo said...

Burn me the photos. I will try also. Love you Baby Brendan. Love Baba HooHoo

Anna said... mean you have another baby?;0) It's hard to get as many pictures and make everything the same for the third as you did the other two.....almost as hard as discipling him the same way you did the other two. That one is a tough one for me...but I see the need more every day.:o( Brendan is going to benefit from a more laid back and secure momma....maybe that's why Bill isn't at the goit it under control! Brendan is also going to get lots of snuggles b/c his momma now knows just how quickly he is going to grow up and not want to sit still anymore. You're doing great, but a picture or two would be nice --- no pressure. my soap box...pretty sure this is my longest comment ever....sorry!

Jenna said...

I think you're doing fine. I'm impressed that Bill went to almost all the well baby appointments. Ryan's only been to the ones at the beginning when I wasn't allowed to drive yet. Now, when do I get to hold my nephew again? I'm dying to do that.

Anonymous said...

I tought we talked about me going and having lunch at Garibaldi's? I may have not expresssed that thought though. You lose more memory with each child I think. I guess all of us will have to go to his 2 month appointment.--Papa