Happy Birthday Baba Hoo Hoo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy birthday Baba Hoo Hoo! Love,

Rori Rose


and Brendan, who doesn't understand why mama doesn't have a picture of you with him...

What is a baba hoo hoo, you ask? Well, she's a grandma, of course! She got her name because she would rock Rori and sing, "Bababababa." and one day I noticed she was calling grandma and patting the ground next to her for grandma to sit by her. Only she wasn't saying grandma, she was saying, "Baba." She started calling the grandma's "baba." And one day she was talking about "Baba" and I didn't know if she meant my mom or Bill's. Both grandma's have dogs. Bill's mom's dog is named Casey and my parent's dog is named Sarge. However, she couldn't say Sarge. She called him "hoo hoo." "Hoo hoo" was how she said "woof woof." Thus changing Sarge to Hoo Hoo. She was pretty young with limited vocabulary, so I asked her which grandma she meant--the one with Casey or the one with Hoo Hoo. And Baba Hoo Hoo and Baba Casey were created. Sometimes she still calls them Baba, but now it is mostly Grandma, but they are still Grandma Hoo Hoo and Grandma Casey--even to Liam. So, as Paul Harv*ey would say, "Now you know the rest of the story!"


Anonymous said...

She loves being called BaaBaaHooHoo. She thinks it is the coolest name in the world. Hope they never forget to call her that.

Baba HooHoo said...

Ditto that...thanks for the nice post and I don't understand the "no photo" with baby Brendan either. Love, Baba HooHoo

Anna said...

...and the story unfolds.:0) Cute! That baby boy of yours is pretty cute!

Jenna said...

Brendan is getting so big! I'm not going to recognize him at Thanksgiving! Oh, and happy birthday, mom!