Frank and the farm

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last weekend we went up to the farm by my parents house. The main attraction for the kids was Frank the Combine. He is a character in the Cars movie and the farm had painted their combine to look like him and were offering rides. Liam talked about riding Frank for a couple weeks before it opened. Fortunately he wasn't disappointed. Here are some pictures from our fun day.

How cool is Frank?

Liam sat on Papa's lap to ride Frank. He thought it was great! I didn't go on the ride because I knew it would be bumpy and the idea of a bouncy ride, almost 9 months pregnant, with a baby sitting directly on my bladder didn't sound like fun...Rori thought it was pretty cool too, but really I just wanted to show off her curls in this picture ;)

Grandma Rose and Baba Hoo Hoo rode too!
Riding Frank was tiring...but Grandpa knows just what will give them the energy for the rest of the day...

...fresh baked apple cider donuts!!!

Rori and Liam went for barrel train rides--my baby girl insisted on going by herself!

Papa folded himself into a pretzel to ride with Liam

Of course we had to do the inflatables. Rori has no fear climbing up or sliding down!

Liam was pretty brave too...but

Papa insisted on going too, "just in case Liam got scared."

Then they played in the "sandbox" of corn. You wouldn't even begin to believe how filthy they were from that. Thank goodness grandma let us give them a bath when we got back to their house!
It was a fun, but tiring day! We can't wait to go back. Hopefully we will be able to get back one more time before the baby comes!


Anonymous said...

Grandpa had lots of fun too-especially in the maze!!! And the donuts are sooooo good.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Great Grandma got up into that Combine! She is amazing, your babies are fearless...perfect day. Love MOM

Anna said...

How fun...Caleb is scared silly of Frank and his gang....glad it was a fun family day! Maybe you need to go back for a ride now just to get things going....maybe Brendan would be annoyed with all the bumps enough to come a little early.:)

Anonymous said...

What a great a the Farm. I had so much fun with kids! Riding Frank, the slides, the maze, and of course the donuts(they are a food group you know). Can not wait to go back.--Papa

Anonymous said...

What an awesome place! Which farm was that? I bet that combine is the talk of every kid who sees it!

Jenna said...

Can't wait for Noah to ride Frank and the barrel train.