Don't go breakin' my heart

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We have a little breakfast place that we like to go to with the kids on special occasions. The kids love to get Mickey Mouse pancakes. The first time we ordered them, I was worried they wouldn't eat them because the restaurant uses maraschino cherries and pineapple pieces for the face. My kids can be a little picky so I was worried that the juices that soaked in from those fruits would turn them off. Shockingly they gobbled them up. Now when we tell them we're going for Mickey pancakes they get super excited.

Bill's favorite meal is "brinner" which is breakfast for dinner. So, one day I had a brilliant idea of making Mickey Mouse pancakes for dinner. I decided to use chocolate chips for the face. I made sure that the pancakes had cooled before putting the chocolate chips on so they wouldn't melt and the kids could just pick them off.

I thought they turned out ok for my first try. I was so excited for the kids to see them. When Rori came to the table for dinner, she said, "Ew, gross!" and in effect, broke my heart. Liam on the other hand was much more excited and said "Mickey pancakes!" I told Rori she hurt my feelings, and she, ever the diplomat said, "I love your cooking mama, but I just don't like the chocolate chips on my pancakes because they're getting melty." And then the proceded to switch pancakes with papa (I knew better than to put chocolate chips on his Mickey pancakes).

So much for my brilliant ideas...

God is bigger...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"God is bigger than the boogeyman, He's bigger than godzilla or the monsters on tv..." That's a VeggieTales song that has been running through my head lately. I have been feeling a lot of anxiety lately surrounding my family. There just seems to be a lot on our plates right now. But I'm trying to remember that God is bigger than them all.
God is bigger than the atrial fib's in my dad's heart that he's going to need surgery for,
God is bigger than the cancerous tumor in poor Sarge's (my parent's 3 1/2 year old dog) leg that is being removed today with prayers that it's only Stage I
God is bigger than the holes in my niece, Juliana's, heart (her slow weight gain is concerning the doctors)
God is bigger than the potential upcoming surgery for my mom
God is bigger than our water heater and clothes dryer that broke on the same day
and God is bigger than my lower back pain.

I am trying to focus on God being bigger and in control of those things, but I also know that He doesn't promise us that life will be easy. I think I know as well as anyone about the fragility of life, and have lost the innocence that "everything will be fine." So if you think of my family, would you please pray for the things I listed above (you can skip the water heater and the dryer because we bought a new water heater and Bill thinks he can fix the dryer :) ). And pray for peace for me, since I get overwhelmed with worry for my family. I love them so much.

Cinderella and the Hotel

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A children's theatre in the area was playing Cinderella and my parents asked if Rori might like to go. Hmmm....would Rori like to go see the play "Cinderella?" Um, definitely! My dad thought it might be fun for my mom, Rori, and I to stay at the hotel that was connected to the theatre since the play was in the morning and we live about an hour away. Rori has never stayed in a hotel, so I knew she would love that. I also knew that I wouldn't get any sleep because I was sharing a bed with her and I think I mentioned before that sleeping with her is like sleeping with a violent octopus that takes up three quarters of the bed. My mom offered to let her sleep with her, but I think after the few minutes that Rori spent in her bed, my mom was thankful that she moved back to mine :)

Anyway, when we got to the hotel, Rori was so excited. Cinderella had left a present for her! A new Cinderella doll.
Rori was so excited to be at the hotel. We wandered around it multiple times and even were able to peek into the theatre. We stopped in the hotel gift shop, and I am pretty sure my little girl is 4 going on 15. She was born to shop.
When we were ready for bed Cinderella had left my mom's copy of "Cinderella" on the pillow for Rori to read.

Then, at bedtime, miss Rori Rose turned into a whirling dirvish, she was so excited. She made sure all of our clothes were ready for the morning, she went to the bathroom about 10 times, and talked my mom into giving up her second pillow, because she needed it.

The next morning Rori could hardly wait to get dressed. She had picked out a special dress and chose her Hello Kitty socks and new sparkle shoes. She had begged me to pack my high heels because they are "so beautiful." My feet were begging me to tell her no, but how could I refuse her. I haven't worn heels since the beginning of my pregnancy and wasn't even sure if my ankles would hold me up. Note to mom: wearing high heels at almost 8 months pregnant with unstylish khaki capri pants is equivalent to the lifesize lemon earrings I bought you as a child, so don't even think about having Rori give them to me. Rori told my mom that it was ok that she didn't have pretty shoes too :)

Frankly my shoes were the most stylish part of my outfit--even if I was waddling/hobbling in them. Seriously--feel my pain--and my love for my little girl.

Rori was very excited about the play, but she had her serious face on the whole time. When she is really excited, she tends to get overwhelmed and then very serious. At her birthday, when she opens presents, she barely cracks a smile, even though she may be opening the present she's been dying for, she is very serious the whole time. Afterwards she smiles and plays with it, but in the moment it's almost too much. That's how the play was. She talked about it afterwards and now wants to see Ariel or Sleeping Beauty. Hopefully someone will make those into plays and we can take her :)

It was a weekend to remember. Thank you Baba Hoo Hoo and Grandpa Hoo Hoo!

Still here....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am sitting here on a heating pad because my sciatica is acting up, and frankly I'm exhausted. We've had a lot of fun things going on lately, along with some sickness, and it has all sucked the life out of me. So, my plan is to put up some posts later this week--starting with tomorrow evening. Please check back then :)

But I did want to say Happy Birthday to my Dad! He's been the greatest dad ever. I remember in college, my friends told me how lucky I was because my dad was so great. He switched business territories with someone so he could have Grand Rapids and he would frequently visit me and take me for dinner at Carlos O'Kelly's. We'd go to Meijer for groceries and then hang out at his hotel and watch Nick at Nite on TV :) I have always appreciated that spending quality time with his girls was very important to him. I think it's an unusual thing to have gotten to grow up with.

Well, I'm pooped, so I am going to go to bed--I may have a Klondike bar first :)