The voodoo lady

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My back has been absolutely killing me for about 2 weeks now. I think I have sciatica, which I have never experienced with my previous pregnancies. It has turned my walk into a complete limp, which just completes the pregnancy glow that I already do not have. I am something else to look at--poor Bill, but frankly, he did this to me, so I guess looking at me is fair play :)

Anyway, my sister, Jenna, and my mom have been proponents of chiropractic medicine forever. Jenna even went to the Chiropractic college at one point, but then changed her mind and became a teacher. She goes to one regularly as do her kids. I, on the other hand, have never gone. However, the fact that I need a push in order to get moving from a standing position has sent me on a search. Chiropractors scare me because they can get really bizarre and into some strange holistic things. So, I looked in our PPO network and picked one that had a website so that I could see he wasn't too weird. I've been twice and haven't noticed any improvement, which I am completely discouraged about. I did find one with a website that I have been calling the voodoo lady, because she looks a little too holistic, weird spirituality, to me...but she specializes in prenatal chiropractic. I decided to make an appointment. I have been joking about my fear of her doing weird voodoo and putting curses on me. (I'm mostly kidding). I talked about her to Jenna and she had a great suggestion. The whole time she is touching me, I'll just say, "In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you." and that should solve that problem. I think I'll give it a try :) Hopefully I won't offend her :)


Lesley said...

Hi Jaime-
I feel for you- I had the same issues while I was pregnant. I couldn't sit in a chair without a heating pad- which helped ease my back pain quite a bit, actually. I had the sciatica thing until the end- once they were born, instant relief!! Hang in there-

Anonymous said...

I'll rebuke her in prayer too. I hope she helps and quick. No, stop, no stop...yeah I know...Love MOM

Anonymous said...

I so wish you could go to my chiro. He helped my sciatica so much. I'll pray that she can help you Jaimers.