My first boy

Friday, June 12, 2009

My first baby boy is 2 years old today (okay--actually yesterday, but we were busy playing with friends and didn't get home in time for me to post).

Dear Liam,

When I found out that you were a boy, I had no idea what to expect. I only knew all things girl. I shouldn't have worried because you are an independent strong willed child that has taught me how to play boy. You have managed to be 100% boy personality, even though you spend most of your time with two of the most girly girls ever (your sister and myself). You have been able to turn "girl" activities into boy ones--boy tea part, for example--complete with burps :)

You captured my heart the moment I laid eyes on you. People always tell me how adorable you are and I know it is true. You have the most beautiful lips, and when you smile--even if you have your nuk in your mouth, everyone can tell because of the way your eyes crinkle up. It makes my heart melt--which is sometimes challenging when you smile while you are being naughty.

You are a very spirited little boy. When someone tells you "no", you immediately go into "ostrich pose" laying face down on the ground with your rear end in the air. But, fortunately you get over it very quickly and move on to the next thing. (This, of course, isn't the way it always was with you). It always surprises me, because I expect a tantrum, but you just show your disapproval and then move on. It makes things much easier for momma :)

You bring me so much joy every day. You have a great sense of humor and you know how to make us all laugh. You love your big sissy to death and want to do everything she does, which sometimes gives me a heart attack. But you are one tough cookie. When you get hurt, you cry until someone kisses your boo boo and then usually you immediately stop and go back to playing.

I cannot believe that you are two years old already. It seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital, giving birth to you. But, time is passing and you are getting bigger every day. I love you to bits and pieces and wouldn't change anything about you for the world. I am excited to see the man you are going to become. I pray that you grow to love the Lord and love your future wife and children with everything you have--and never forget your mommy, who loves you forever.


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day my baby boy!!! I can't wait to get home and celebrate with you. Love you so much!!!!--Papa

Anonymous said...

2 years, I can't believe it... He is his momma's boy and reminds me much of his momma. He will grow to be a good man...he has the Lord and wonderful parents. Love HOO HOO

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday to Liam!! Your letter to him brought tears to my eyes. Little boys are very special....

Lynnette Kraft said...

Liam is precious.

Anna said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Liam! It's hard to believe you're 2! It seems like just yesterday your Momma called and told me that she and your Daddy knew you were a boy! Your Momma was nervous -- she didn't know anything about bugs, dinosaurs or cars -- but, she catches on fast, huh! I knew you were going to steal her heart! Happy Birthday!