My wife's birthday post!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In honor of my wife’s third 29th birthday I thought I would guest post to honor her with ten reasons I love her so.

1. She loves her birthday more than I do, which is a lot. We will have a minimum of 4 birthday dinners!!
2. She watches a whole lot of sports with me! The whole month of March, Bull’s games, Bear’s games. Sox games. She even trys to be interested most times
3. She always humors my dog issues. Lets me bring home multiple dogs home for a trial, even knowing the out come a head of time.
4. She takes really good care of me when I am sick
5. She would rather be with me and the kids than anywhere else all the time
6. She listens to my music even though it makes her angry.
7. Some nights she makes two meals because I am such a picky eater!
8. She is the world’s great baker. She keeps me supplied with Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, and Cakes
9. She gave me two, going on three of the most beautiful and wonderful children in the whole wide world, and she is an awesomely fantastic mother to them.
10. Lastly Jaime is the world greatest wife. I definitely got the better end of the deal when she said yes.


Anna said...

Happy Birthday, Jaime!!!!! 4 bday dinners -- golly, you're going to be full!?!?!?:) Have fun! I'll try to call you later today.....hope you're having a good day!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Jaime!!
But Bill...I have to take exception with point #1...does anyone love their birthday more than you?! :)
Hope your day has been a good one, Jaime! The sun decided to shine after all!!

Anonymous said...

It was just yesterday our little 10 lb 15 oz bundle of joy came into the world. I can't believe how time has flown and what a wonderful daughter you are. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Always remember and never forget you did get the better part of the deal. I know because I gave her away. Happy Birthday Dolly.
Love Dad

Jaime said...

um, I'm completely disagree with number 1 for sure and I think anyone who knows us would agree:) But thank you--I love you so much and I got the better end of the deal!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday girlfriend. You deserve so much happiness on this day and new year going forward! It's going to be a great one with a new bundle of joy in the oven. :)

Sarah Franklin said...

Good work, Bill! And, Happy Birthday again, Jaime!!!! I think you guys both got a great deal out of your marriage! A true amazing gift of life, love and partnership-- just the way God designed it!!! :) Blessings on all of you!!!!!!! Sarah <><<

froggie02 said...
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Karen Joy said...

Awwww!!! You have a winner of a hubby, Jaime! I hope your birthday was a blast!

Jenna said...

that was nice, but i disagree with #1, everyone knows bill loves his birthday more than anyone alive. happy belated- jaimers- at least i called yesterday :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated bday Jaime. I have been keeping up with your blog. I enjoy all the fun photos and kids stories. Good job on this post Bill, you even have the right music to go with it! You're such a romantic. Now I want to watch that movie. dori