My poor kitty

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

***I know, two posts in two days! Go me!***
Poor Vader got himself a big owie on his rear end. Bill and I noticed that he had a spot where there wasn't any hair and upon closer look there was an actual hole. I couldn't look too closely because I started to get squeamish and my knees buckled a bit. Bill and I wrestled him into his cat carrier (actually we chased him into the bathroom and Bill shut himself in and I heard things like, "you stupid #$^%# and "ouch!" and "are you kidding me?" and then he calmly exited with a few scratches and the cat in the carrier).

Upon taking him to the vet, they told Bill that it was Vader's muscle showing through the hole. I chose not to take a picture, because, well, it was gross and I'm squeamish. Thank me later. Anyway, the cost to stitch my stupid poor kitty was around $460. Exactly what I was hoping to spend on this

So, thanks for that, Vader.... Honestly, though, this cat needs to live for about 20 years in order for us to get our money's worth of enjoyment out of him. Before Rori was born, he had a bladder infection that turned into much worse and I am too embarassed to say what that cost us, but we're still working on getting our money's worth of enjoyment out of him for that one! Thank goodnes for his (knock on wood) healthy brother!


Anna said...

Figures, huh! Poor Vader and bummer that it cost that much to get him stitched up!

Anonymous said...

I said things like hopping hippos, sweet nibbelts and other non four letter words. Don't let Jaime kid you she will be getting her camera. However this cat better live to twenty without any futher medical cost for us to even break even---Bill

Anonymous said...

Two lives down, seven to go.

Anonymous said...

Remember Snirtie, cut in half to get a tie tac out, neutered and declawed all at the same time? Pets are expensive...we love them. Love MOM

Lesley said...

I know all too well the cost of a pet, Jaime. Most people would drop their mouths to the floor if they knew how much we have spent on Maggie's surgeries and various other medical issues. You are good cat parents and Vader is lucky to have you. :)