My Valentine

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My parents live in a small town, that has gotten actual chain restaurants since I've moved, but still a semi-small town. This town has a wonderful bakery that makes scrumptious cookies. Baba Hoo Hoo brings the kids frosted cookies for special occasions. A week or so ago, she brought Valentine cookies that had red icing and white frosting words. Rori inhaled hers. I found a bakery by us that makes pretty good cookies. So, I stopped at it on the way home from work and picked up heart shaped frosted cookies for her and Liam. I told her that I got her a Valentine cookie and she was so excited. I took it out of the box and I could tell she was trying to hide her disappointment. This cookie had red icing, but no writing on it. She, in a very sweet way, said, "I don't like these cookies, I like the ones Baba Hoo Hoo brings." So, I passed that information along to Baba Hoo Hoo, who on Sunday brought the kids cookies. Do you think Rori enjoyed it?

PS don't tell Liam, but she ate his cookie too :)


Anonymous said...

I love my babies! Love Baba HooHoo

Lynnette Kraft said...

I love her curly hair! That cookie looked good. :)

Anna said...

Mmmmm....sweet Baba HooHoo! We're still waiting to find out how her name came about....:)

Jenna said...

she didn't eat noah's too, did she? j/k he's looking forward to getting his on saturday.