C-O-U-S-I-N-S spells trouble

Monday, February 2, 2009

This Saturday we had Super Bowl Saturday, which really just means that my family all got together to enjoy the food that we would normally eat on Super Bowl Sunday. We do this because it's too hard to get together on Sunday night because the kids need to go to bed and it's just a hassle, so we do the important part on Saturday. Anyway, I am a little fearful of the trouble that Jenna and my kids are going to get into when they are older and unsupervised. This is what they do now, with us watching of course.

No, that is not blood on Liam's face :) It's red frosting from an Arizona Cardinal's cookie--but we thought it looked appropriate for pictures of him jumping off a tub, but I felt the need to explain lest anyone call DCFS on me...

Look at the height Rori gets!

Noah wasn't quite as fearless, but he doesn't have a big sister to watch. Soon he'll be jumping off tubs with the other two. But lest you think he is perfect, he did have interesting things to do with the baby he was practicing being a big brother with.

p.s. I wanted to mention, for those that don't know me, on my previous post I had said that I would return the shoes after wearing them--I would never actually do that, I know it's completely wrong--I was just kidding about that part :)


Anonymous said...

Cousins are always fun and alway some kind of trouble is found. That's what is fun and special about that. Love MOM
PS we knew you were kidding about returning the shoes.

Anonymous said...

I can spell, really I can...I just can't type and 24 is back on! MOM

Jenna said...

You need to email me the michael jackson picture of Noah and the baby, because mine show him more upset that Ryan hung the baby from the railing.

Anna said...

Looks like so much fun!:) It's so nice that they have each other!

Heidi said...

Your kids make the most mischevious sweet expressions!!! I get so excited (and a bit concerned!) for my little boy when I see what crazy business Liam is up to, and what Stefan & his mom have to look forward to. :)