Visits with a new cousin

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oops, it's been a week since my last post. I am going to be much more regular now--I've been super busy and frankly I've been having writer's block. I really want to keep this blog positive as it is going to be read by my children someday, and I've been under a bit of stress that I didn't want to document.
On another note, this weekend we spent with Bill's side of the family. Bill's sister, Tiffany came in town. She lives in PA and had a baby girl, Ashley, last summer. This was the first time we got to see her. She is very cute, but the best part was watching Rori and Liam play with her. Both of them just loved her. They would make her giggle--it was super cute. Rori acted like a big sister and kept bringing her toys and making sure that she was happy. Liam was incredibly gentle and kept patting her. It was nothing like the way he plays with his big sister! I think he felt like a big boy taking care of his baby. I wish Tiffany lived closer because I know they would love to grow up together.

Tiffany and Ashley


Anonymous said...

Ashley is such a cutie. I am so proud of Rori and Liam, there were so good to their little cousin. Can't wait for her to come back in a month for another visit--Bill

Jenna said...

She is cute. Hope it helps to know that Liam and Rori will get to visit and play with their other little cousin eventually after I have her :-)

Anna said...

I think Rori and Liam need a little sister/brother.;)

Anonymous said...

I love babies...Love MOM