Friday, January 30, 2009

Today I checked to see if I had any google searches on my blog. Every once in a while somebody googles "stillbirth" "perinatologist" (that's the high risk OB) or something like that and my blog comes up. It's pretty cool. I'm pretty sure they probably never come back, but maybe my blog has touched someone that I don't know, and I think that would be neat. Anyway, today I checked and I think I may have to start putting asterisk's in words that I wouldn't want people searching and finding my blog because this particular person googled "caleb porn pichuer"--whatever that means-- and got this post. I imagine they were disappointed. I'd like to believe they read it and decided to discontinue their internet p*orn search and be faithful to their spouse, all while silently thanking me for helping them. That's me, a helper :)


Anonymous said...

I am sure that is exactly what happened. Love MOM :)

Anna said... have so much to teach me about blogging.

Anonymous said...

nice jaimers