Helpers and Handbags

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recently I have been lamenting my lack of organization and my frustration that my kids don't pick up after themselves. I'm pretty sure that God is trying to tell me something about me needing to declutter and clean up. I think I lean too far to the side of playing with my kids and not enough to the side of making them understand that mommy needs to clean the house and will play with them when the chores are done. I was talking to my mom about how I was frustrated that Rori's room was a mess and she pointed out that maybe I should clean my room and teach through example. ouch. She reminded me that it's ok if they cry while I'm cleaning up. If they're safe and out of danger, they need to learn that mommy needs to clean the house and they can play by themselves, or they can sit and cry. Here is a perfect example of what happens when I try to do something.

Which then turns into this

Just checking to see if I'm paying attention

The second sign that I need to get organized and declutter was that I read this post by Lynnette Kraft and thought that maybe she had snuck into my house and observed a typical day. It really convicted me that we need to simplify our lives.

The last sign kind of went back to the first one. I had ordered a few purses online since going shopping is a rare treat and I had free shipping. I was hoping to like one of them and return the other two. Rori immediately claimed one (they were really cheap). I told her that she could have it if she cleaned her room. I offered to help her and I explained that we needed to keep it clean. She then told me, "Mama, if you clean your room, you can keep your purse too! And I'll help you!" I guess my mom was right :)

So, I am going to get on a regular schedule of cleaning and teaching my children to de-clutter. I'll let you know how it goes!


Jenna said...

Awww, that was a nice post. Rori is a funny funny girl.

Anna said...

Declutter, simplify and clean --- some of my favorite words!!!! You go girl! I think that Rori may have a future in negotiating. I understand how Liam feels -- I felt like that yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I can help too. But I would like a new game for the Wii. Where do you Rori learned how to negotiate from?--Bill

Anonymous said...

Jaime darling, I am so touched that you shared this first with me and now on your blog...You have such a good big heart you made yourself so vulnerabl...I love you so much and those babies too...MOM