Gise*lle's wedding day dress

Friday, January 23, 2009

A while back we had taken Rori to the Disney store to look around, and one of her favorite movies is Enchanted. She happened to see Gise*lle's wedding dress, or as she calls it, her "wedding day dress." She wanted it, but it was ridiculously expensive, so we told her no, and she fortunately understood. Back when we decided that the nuk fairy was coming, I looked online to see how much it was and it was clearanced! So, we went ahead and ordered it as a present from the nuk fairy. This dress is much more practical than I had imagined:

As I had suspected, it's great for twirlingIt's fabulous for lounging and watching tv

Here, she's in the zone

Most surprising to me, though, was that it's perfect for somersaults!

She's under there somewhere!


Anna said...

Beautiful Rori! Yep, that dress definitely works for her. I will have to show McKenna these pics in the morning.:)

Anonymous said...

After your dad and I spent 1 hour trying to access our email and changing our password and typing msgs and then talking to India on the phone,and changing the modem password or all internet would be lost, I got to read and look at your wonderful photos. Rori is Enchanting. The photos are great. I would call you but it is 10:30 and you will either be asleep or "something". Love You Mom

Jenna said...

Awww! Will she share that dress with baby ladybug? I LOVE it, and you know how I feel about dresses.

Anonymous said...

Oh she looks perfect in that dress, it was made for her. Did the nuk thing work out though? or does she have the dress and the nuk?

Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh, she's so cute! :)