Weekend Getaway

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I apologize that I have been MIA since last week. But today you get a two-for-one :) This weekend, Bill and I went for a much needed getaway. My aunt and uncle let us use their room at a lodge up north. It was wonderful! We dropped the kids off at my parents for their first overnight away from us. I was a little sad and guilty, but it was just one night, so I knew they'd survive.

The lodge was huge. We spent a long time just walking around. The room had a beautiful view. It totally felt like a secluded getaway. While the point was partly to be just the two of us for the weekend, we of course ended up doing some Christmas shopping for our munchkins. We went to The Wal-Mart. It was a kind of town where you don't call it Wal-Mart, but The Wal-Mart. Then we went to Chili's for dinner because we are so adventerous and love to try new things--oh wait, that's not us. Anyway, I did step out of my Chili's box and had Big Mouth Bites (Lesley--after seeing you have them, I can now understand why--they are little/big bites of heaven). :)

Anyway, before this post gets too boring, the best part of the weekend was sleeping in and completely through the night together! But, there was nothing better than going to pick up our kids and getting big hugs and kisses. I love them so much!

Check out that view!

The room even had an upstairs! How cool is that?!


Anonymous said...

We think we want to get away from our kids...but we can't wait to see them...I love them so much too. MOM

Anonymous said...

it looks like a nice place :-) jenna

Lesley Engling said...

Good for you and Bill to have a getaway!! All parents need that. After Aaron and I went to Vegas in May for our 10 year, we decided we needed a get away once a year. We did look so forward to coming home to the kids though when usually we dread returning home from vacation.
Aren't those Big Mouth bites awesome?? Yum, Yum!! I am honored I made your blog! :)

Christina said...

This weeekend I heard some good advice. Live by the 6x36 rule. Every 6 weeks, take 36 hours with our spouse, alone. I think this would be healthy for many of us. Because we need to remember, if we don't focus on our spouses and/or ourselves once in awhile, the kids will lose out in the long run. (Plus, I think it's healthy for the kids, too!) (I'm going to try this rule, the only problem is that, my hubby hasn't had 36 hours off in-a-row in 6 years, so this could be a problem. Gotta love owning your own business.)

Anonymous said...

What a great 20 hours? It was great to get away, enjoy a child free dinner and sleeping THROUGH the night!!! I did wake up once or twice thinking I heard a crying child, but at least I did not have to get out of bed to check. Thanks so much Anutie Val and Uncle Randy the place is wonderful. Anytime you need us to check on it for you let us know. However, it was so wonderful to come home and get the hugs and kisses from the kid--Papa