Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So yesterday was kind of a big day. It was Bill and my 7.5 year anniversary! Just kidding, that wasn't the big deal (but it's true). It was my parents 36th wedding anniversary!! How incredible is that, in this day and age?! What's even crazier is that my mom was barely 19 years old when she got married. When 19 year olds get married now, it's pretty much guaranteed failure. My parents have one of those marriages that, should they get divorced, it would pretty much kill my faith in marriage. They are meant for each other. They are still so in love after all these years. I hope that Bill and I will still be like that in 28.5 years :) Congratulations Mom and Dad!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dollly! It seems like only yesterday! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

seriously, you keep track of your half year anniversary? yeah, ryan and i don't, although it should be easy enough, since it would be on valentine's day.